Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product of the Week - Toddler Lunch Edition

Product of the Week Time!

Since my daughter was a baby, I have been a bit of freak about feeding her. Always trying to make the best choices, I was very picky about what she could have. I have started to ease up, but I am still interested in giving her new things, trying to find ways for her to be open to enjoying healthier foods. I have been obsessed with muffin tin meals and all things bento boxes. Not sure what I am talking about ... follow this chickthis chick, and this chick!

Seriously, who wouldn't want to make a lunch like this for their child! So sweet and special!

Now, in an attempt to spice things up for my little lady, I have started to try to make food look more appealing. Cue products of the week...

1. Lunch Punch Sandwich cutters
Lunch Punch cutters
Cutest designs ever! I love these things... I can get so many different sets on amazon!

2. Wilton Silicon Bake cups

Wilton Bake Cups

There are so many cute designs and funky cups to put healthy foods in. I love these as snack dishes on a colorful plate of food!

3. Bento Lunch Boxes

Easy Lunch Boxes

4. Food Picks
Food picks
These cute seashore picks were my first purchase! I haven't used them yet, but aren't they so cute! I can't wait to use them this summer with some summer themed lunches.

Anyway, I love these things to help make feeding time a little friendlier around my house. How do you get your kids to eat and try new things?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Product of the Week - Juicer

Another installment of product of the week! I love Thursdays!

Okay, I am obsessed with my Jack LaLanne's power juicer. I actually borrowed it from a friend to give it a "test run" because I couldn't fathom buying a juicer that would never be used. I LOVE this thing. I mean really, truly love. It is so easy to use, you can throw anything in there (and add an apple) and it tastes delicious. I love using up all of my produce that is starting to get a little too ripe, and I am cutting way back on my waste each week.

I have even been using my juicing pulp to bulk up my mac and cheese, muffins, and cookies with extra vitamins and fiber for the sweet girl. Seriously, google "what to do with my juicer pulp?" and it is like a gold mine! I know I sound crazy... it's all good. Making carrot muffins without shredding a billion carrots is ah-mazing....and so what if they are made with cream cheese frosting...there is still carrot involved.

This little sucker is a gem. I have been using it non-stop. For about $100, it is worth the investment of feeling good.

The only downfall is the clean up (and that it is kind of big on your counter). Cleaning up after one cup of juice is a bit of pain, but when I think about all the nutrients I am giving myself and my daughter I don't mind as much.

Check out my juicer pinterest board for lots of yummy recipes! My favorite is pineapple and carrot juice. It is so yummy, and it looks like a glass of sunshine!

Now, I am not some health freak, but I am hooked on juicing!