Saturday, September 25, 2010

With a Baa and a Moo and a Cock-a-Doodle Doo

Finally, the end of another work week! On Thursday, I turned 32 weeks, and I was too tired to blog! Every night, I feel exhausted after work. I am so happy it is the weekend especially because I was able to help a friend celebrate! Today, Dobbie and I had a great day and a glimpse into our future with kids! We headed to Johnson's Farm to celebrate A's daughter's birthday! Her daughter turned 2, and A planned a really great party! She thought of every detail, everything was super organized and coordinated, and the party was a huge hit.

When we arrived, I loved the decorations! A had the cutest farm themed party, and she ordered everything from etsy! It turned out so cute! I LOVED it! 

Of course, A had everything set and ready to go! We started the day saying hello to some friends I haven't seen in a while. You know... my friends with short legs and beautiful smiles! 

Look at this birthday girl cutie! 

We started off having some snacks, well I had some snacks. Then, we had a pizza lunch. It was so funny because Dobbie didn't know what to do with himself. There were kids everywhere having their pizza cut and begging for juice boxes! He kept bringing napkins and juice boxes to the table. He is going to be a great daddy because he acts before the meltdowns start! He is very proactive! 

After lunch, we headed over for our hayride to pick pumpkins! Again, I loved it! I am so happy Dobbie got to meet my friend L finally. Her daughter, J, will be 2 in a few weeks, right around when our baby girl will be born! J was digging the hayride, but she still wanted to be close to her mommy!

We walked through a little corn maze to get to the pumpkin patch! Everyone got to pick a pumpkin! 

The Birthday Girl was in the center of the action!
Her big sister was not far behind! 

My heart melted watching the kids running around picking "the best" pumpkins. Not yucky pumpkins, not little pumpkins, not big pumpkins... they wanted perfect pumpkins. I just kept picturing Dobbie and I with our baby girl in a pumpkin patch. Which pumpkin would she pick? We thought this one would suit her.
A tiny cutie for a tiny cutie <3

Man, I wish I could use good would this look with the sky saturated blue! ?!

 The pumpkins were all picked so we "ran" back for some cake! CAKE! Did someone say cake?!?!?

I guess this 11 month cutie was ready for some cake!  

I love cake! 
All the kids were ready for their cake! They LOVED it...I loved it too! A - the sweet eats cake was a huge success. Here is the evidence!

After cake, the kids had some real fun...feeding animals and playing! 

Overall, it was such a nice day! A did a great job planning everything and Dobbie and I had a great time.  It was hot for a late September day, but it was great weather for a birthday party! The birthday girl had a blast! There was even a bucket of fun for the kids to take home to remember the great day they had.

Thanks for having us A and family! Love you guys! Happy Birthday Sweet Addison!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We are getting things together. It is so exciting! I can't wait to share the room when it is complete, but for now is a sneak peek of some small details.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beautiful Baptism

This is a hectic month for me. I am back to work, and after one week, I am stressed about not having enough time in the day. Not only am I back to work this month, but I have many wonderful things to celebrate with family and friends. On Saturday, I went to a friend's bridal shower. I haven't seen this friend in so long, and I was so excited that I could be there for her on her special day. It was supposed to be a surprise, but I could tell she knew what was going on. I had such a nice time, but I did not get any pictures! The battery on my point and shoot died right when I got there. I didn't even get one photo when she walked in the door! I know .... don't say it.

On Sunday, my beautiful nephew was baptized. It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day.

The family was invited to stand close to the baby. He handled the whole thing like a champ.

His big sister was right there with him to wipe his little bald head. She was smiling at him the whole time. This day was just as special for her as it was for him. She could not keep her eyes off of him, and I could tell how happy she was to be a part of everything.

His other big sister showed her support other ways! She made sure everyone was coming over to her house after we left the church. She was ready to party!

My nephew looked gorgeous in his baptism dress. The dress was handmade from fabric taken from his godmother's wedding dress. It was very special. His godparents flew in from Holland to be there!

Very special picture of Baby M with his parents and godparents! Look at the gorgeous dress!

He was so good. He made everyone so happy. There was a proud mommy and daddy. There were proud grandparents too!

It was a special day.