Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Life wouldn't mean anything without important people to share it with. Along with my loving family, I am lucky enough to have many wonderful friends. People I can turn to for anything. I have old friends that I have known for over a decade that would be by my side in an instant if I needed them. I have new friends that I feel like I have known for a decade, and I know they will be a part of my life for many years to come. I hope the same for my daughter. I hope she meets people that will be such an important part of her life and I hope she cherishes her friendships the same way her mommy does.

Baby Kailyn has already starting building her relationships! She has friends. You met some of her best friends already. Another one of Kay's closest friends is Baby Addie. Baby Addie and Kailyn have been friends far before they joined us in this world. Her mommy and I became close as we journeyed through our pregnancies together.

Baby Addie is one day younger than Kay. If you can believe it, her mommy and I were in the hospital at the same time both experiencing the incredible joy of becoming a mommy.

The girls haven't seen each other in quite some time, and we decided to get together last week for dinner. Now that the girls are bigger and exploring their worlds more, it was so interesting to see them interact with each other.

Of course, my little lady crawls right up to Baby Addie and start trying to grab her face. They were too cute for words. They stared at each other, touched each other, and talked to each other. I hope they continue to grow up together and become best friends.

As you can see, their first meeting needed supervision! Baby Addie is one sweet, happy baby girl and I can't wait to see her again!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

The smell of sunscreen, coolers and towels, sunglasses and magazines, and this year a first, a sippy cup and the happiest ladybug you have ever seen. Our first beach trip of the year, and this little lady seemed to love it.

An official start of summer. I heard a collective sigh of relief not only from our family, friends, and neighbors, but from every car that passed us that we passed heading down the shore. Dave and I have spent Memorial Day at the beach almost every year that we have been together, but this year was different. This was our first time spending it as a family, and it was amazing.

Since it was the first time, we did need a learning curve because we had a few snafus like forgetting the mattress pad for our pack and play and forgetting a binky to the beach, but we worked it out. First time mom here learning as I go... making mental notes to be sure I don't make the same mistakes twice. Be sure to pack baby's bath necessities when your child will be leathered head to toe in sunscreen and dipped in sand - check. Thank goodness for Rite Aid. Be sure to pack your own necessities like contact solution before packing for your baby & family - check. Oh and figure it out before 11pm because at that hour even Rite Aid can't help you.

Prepping for the beach is one of my favorite times. Everyone is buzzing around the house gathering things and chatting. I love the anticipation of the fun times about to be had by everyone.

Ready and Having Fun Waiting
We were lucky enough to have a perfect beach day. A sunny blue sky, a slight breeze, and a happy baby. She took a nap in her BOB, and that stroller was the star of the day. If you are a beach going family, you need this stroller. It was so easy to push through the sand and it lays back so far that she took a nice long nap!

When she was awake, she was too cute! She didn't cry when we put her toes in the sand. She was mesmerized by the water and waves, but she did not like the FREEZING cold water touching her feet. She moaned a little complaint. No crying though!

Daddy and Me

I meant to say that getting home from the beach is one of my favorite times. I love sitting around in bathing suits or in a diaper (whatever suits you), watching your tan (hopefully not sunburn) start to show up, sitting out on the deck, eating lots of yummy food. We had all of your holiday favorites this weekend macaroni salad, potato salad, and juicy watermelon. We even splurged on Mack and Manco's pizza. A little slice of heaven.

Before my post beach bath
I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day. We most certainly did on our little lady's first trip to the beach.

Guess Who?

Guess who had her toes in the sand for the very first time...

Stay tuned...

Monday, May 23, 2011


There was a phenomenon this weekend...sunshine. We finally saw got a glimpse of the blue sky and the big orange ball on Saturday. It was much needed after a week of rain. We were able to get out and enjoy a beautiful day! Play time on the back deck. Doesn't she look like a big girl?

iPhone pics
Again, laughing at Lexi
Her sweet locks have become a little more manageable now that it has grown a little longer. It is the cutest hair ever. I cannot believe how much she changes day by day and week by week! She is crawling, crawling, and crawling away. I am so excited that she crawled for the very first time Friday night. I was with her the whole weekend when she really took off...a working mom's dream.

She crawls so fast especially when she sees something that she wants. She is even trying to pull herself up to a stand. She stood up for .5 seconds by holding on to the car seat all by herself (it looked more like a lazy man's push up but so what!), and she tries to climb up her mommy and daddy. She wants to stand, and I am sure it won't be long. She is DETERMINED! Oh how life is changing from setting her on the ground and getting a few things done.

The tooth is almost completely through, and it doesn't seem to be bothering her as much. My big girl! What will she be doing in 4 weeks when school is out! Yep, that's right 4 weeks and I can be with my girl every day! Ooooh I can't wait.

Daddy and Pop Pop got another thing checked off of our list for her sweet bedroom to be completed. This was a big one...

The tree came out amazingly well. It took forever to hang piece by piece, but it was worth it. I ordered the tree from seller NouWall on Etsy. I love this shop! Hopefully, I will get the last few touches done in her room and I can share it with you. It is sweet for a sweet little girl.

Have a great week!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Another Milestone Weekend...

I have been waiting for this one...

Kay is crawling all over the place. She did her first crawl Friday night, and she didn't stop all weekend! Look at her crawl to her Daddy! It is too cute!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trophies and Teething

Can you believe it is the middle of May? We are just here plugging along. 

I want to brag on our Daddy for a minute. He is such a wonderful father and husband. Everyone that knows him knows he LOVES golfing. I mean obsessed. He talks about it, watches it, reads about it constantly. He can spew golf stats and scores from The Masters ten years ago. He can tell you shot by shot with detailed precision. Our living room DVR is constantly filled to the max with Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday final round golf. He loves different courses, and he has played so many of the famous courses like TPC Sawgrass, Torrey Pines, and Merion...although not the one that matters. Pine Valley. Someday Daddy, someday.

What many people do not know is that our Daddy is such a good golfer. Seriously, he is like a 7 or 8 handicap, and he rocks. This weekend, he played in a two day tournament in Cape May....

and yes, he came home with the trophy. He shot a final round 76! Holy Cow! Golf Club of NJ Champion! Daddy we are so proud of you! You are so amazing at everything you do. Want to see his winning photo click here? This trophy will go in his collection with all of his others. 

Another big thing happened this weekend. A First Tooth! Baby Kailyn is really having some trouble with her first tooth coming in. The past two days have been rough for Grams. Kay has been cranky and uncomfortable. Tylenol, frozen banana pieces, and frozen teethers are the only things that give her any relief. This poor girl. I feel so badly for her. I am hoping after this first one she gets a little more used to pain because she is not taking it well. 

At night after dinner, I can't even put her down or she cries. She hasn't been crying in the middle of the night so we are lucky, but I know this is taking a toll on her. She wants to go to sleep at 7pm which leaves us with a 5am wake up call, she has red, tired eyes, a bit of an upset belly, and tons of drool. 

Let's hope this tooth finishes coming in, and she gets a break before the next one! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

7 Months Already?

7 months is closer to a year than to birth. Holy geez. As I am writing this post, I am thinking how sad I am that my sweet first newborn is long gone...until I started uploading the pictures. This 7 month old girl rocks. She is so much fun to be around. She wants everything (throws tantrums when she doesn't get it), explores, learns, and shows her personality everyday.

Laughing at Lexi!
On your 7 month birthday...

* You weigh between 15 and 16 pounds. I didn't weigh you today, and you are already sound asleep in your crib!

* You are wearing 6-12 month clothing. You wear 9 month pjs under your sleep sack. We are currently in the middle of a shoe debacle. No shoes fit your tiny little feet. I think you are like a size 2 or 3 but your feet are so stinkin' skinny that NO pair of shoes will remain on your feet.

* You are currently wearing one of your last size 2 diapers. Size 3 here we come. I hope size 3 has that cute little lamb picture on them too. We always go to bed wearing a sleep sheep diaper. It is the magic touch.

* You might be the cutest little eater ever. You open your mouth like a little bird. You love almost every fruit. You love your orange vegetables, and I am currently working on widening your appreciation of green veggies. You are really not having it. We were given direct orders to start meats, but we are slacking in that area. *shudder* I have to prepare myself.

* You are FINALLY cutting your first tooth! Yesterday morning, I finally felt the little ridges popping through on your bottom gum! I have been waiting to feel that tooth forever. You had all the signs for so long, and now evidence!

* Your bedtime is 7:30 pm and you are such a good little sleeper, but you are an EARLY riser. Most days you wake up before my alarm goes off. Some days you play in your crib for 20-30 minutes and other times you want your mommy and daddy right away. You take two naps during the day... a morning nap around 10:00 and an afternoon nap around 2 or 2:30.

* You are scooting and moving all over the floor. Every time I turn around, you are somewhere new! Time to make sure you are safe!

* You are getting into everything. You reach for anything that is in line of vision. You especially love my cell phone, ipad, and the remote control. Whatever you get your hands on goes right in your mouth. My little explorer. Here is a perfect example:

* You are testing out that little voice. Your squeals and giggles make everyone smile. When you are tired or unhappy, you don't cry, you moan. This little complain that melts your mommy's heart.

* You have changed my life sweet baby girl. You are so good no matter what we do or where we go.

7 months have gone by since our special meeting in the hospital. I feel so sad about that because everyday that passes I worry that I will lose bits and pieces of that incredible night. I never want the memory to fade. One thing I know for sure, I will never lose the overwhelming feeling of love I felt when they placed you in my arms because it continues to grow stronger every day.

Happy 7 months Kailyn! 

Friday, May 13, 2011

Lightening Fingers

Geez, I can't believe I haven't posted in almost a week. It wasn't a crazy busy week or anything...to be honest, it was a boring week. I guess I haven't been on my laptop in a while because I have been too busy on my new ipad!

BEST mother's day present EVER.

This week was just like any other week working, playing with Baby Kay and watching her grow, and relaxing with Daddy at night. The weather was beyond perfect this week, and I was able to get Lexi and this little lady out for some nice long walks after dinner. Kay is sitting in her BOB stroller minus the carseat, and she looks like such a big girl. When I push her, I only see her little tiny toes dangling in the sunlight.

We are having some problems over here. Diaper changing has become quite troublesome.

You need lightening fingers to change this little girl. She loves being on her belly, and she does not let you change her diaper or her clothes. How can a girl so small give me such huge trouble in this area. I mean she is freakishly strong and she can still turn over even though I am pinning her down. When I am able to overpower her hulk strength, she screams at me. Not a cry, she yells at me. What a pistol! I am close to mastering the art of a 3 second diaper change. My little fingers fly at lightening speed with precision and focus...I should enter a contest. If I don't, I end up with this...

A naked baby wondering around her room. Although, I think she prefers her downward dog in the buff. She still isn't quite crawling, but she sure can move around a room. She army crawls and gets ups on all fours. She also makes the cutest tripod when you sit her up until she tips over. That's my girl. The next time I blink, she'll be standing and walking. She is learning so much every day.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Motherhood has changed me. Caring for a child, a tiny soul, is so intense, challenging, and rewarding all at the same time. One good day with your happy, giggling baby can rock your world. You close your eyes at night feeling like you can take over the world. Within hours, your world can come crumbling down when your baby's giggles turn into cries. Suddenly, you feel like you are hanging on for dear life rather than the glamourous rock star that kissed your husband good night a few short hours ago. Being a momma is a wild ride, and I am so happy that I buckled my seat belt because I wouldn't want it any other way.

I have learned so much about myself in the past six months than I ever thought possible. I've learned that giving up my selfish ways is easy when you are doing it for someone who needs you, relies on you, loves you unconditionally. You never think twice about your own needs when you look at your child as she lays in your arms and looks up at you. Recognizing what is truly important in life is a realization that takes place before your eyes the second your child enters this world. 

I have learned that no matter how hard life gets, managing my work life and my home life,  it is life. I am going to live in every moment enjoying my daughter and my husband. Motherhood means there may be lesson plans to do, dirty dishes in the sink, or piles of clean clothes waiting to be put away, but it is okay.  Your clothes won't miss the closet, but you may miss a precious smile, a funny face, or sweet finger squeeze. 

Being a mother myself has opened my eyes to the years of constant and continued dedication that my own momma has give me. She was the first person to show me how unconditional love feels and what selflessness look like. She is the greatest mother, role model, and friend. I am so thankful for her today and every day. I love you momma. You are an amazing momma and Grams. 

Today, we celebrated my first mother's day. It was such a special day in every sense of the word. I just had an overwhelming feeling of happiness the entire weekend. We woke up and had some of our favorite Sunday morning snuggle time. Then, we got on our Sunday best and had brunch at the golf course. It was just mother, father, and baby and it was perfect.

I am so lucky to be this little girl's mommy. She has changed everything, and I can't remember life without her. I love you sweet Kailyn Rose.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

You Know You Are A New Mom When...

* You can weave in and out of traffic on Route 42 during rush hour one handed all while finding and putting a binky back in your baby's mouth!

* You routinely go to work looking like a train wreck, and you don't really care. The best part of my daily ensemble is the partial pedicure that remains from weeks ago. Yes, I am still rocking the open toed shoes because again, I don't really care.

* You rush around during your lunch hour or before you pick up the baby after work to get to BuyBuy Baby to pick up three things only to realize that you have to go back the next day or later anyway because you only came home with two of things. I can't remember anything!

* You have a stack of magazines from Feburary next to your bedside table that remain untouched. The pile just keeps getting bigger and bigger. The only title to not join those ranks - US Weekly. Of course, I will MAKE time. I will read it one handed while holding the baby and making dinner if I have to. Must have celebrity gossip.

* You swoon and drool over new babies. If you see a baby, you secretly wonder how old that baby is and what the baby can do.

* You are even more enthralled by pregnant bellies because you can't wait for that woman to be in on the secret. Every time I see a pregnant woman, I feel a bit of excitement for her. Soon, she will go through the most indescribable experience of her life. I wish I knew her to talk and gush over how incredible and amazing motherhood is.

* You spend a lot of money, but it isn't on yourself. Every single shopping trip I make, I only go in children's stores. I love buying clothes, toys, food, diapers, and more clothes for my sweet baby girl.

* Your family room looks like a bomb went off. It is filled with baby toys, playmats, exersaucers, bouncy seats, and swings. Not to mention the diaper changing station you have set up, along with bibs - clean and dirty, bottle caps, random baby socks strewn about, and blankets in every corner. And you wouldn't have it any other way.

I love being a new mom. This little girl makes me the happiest new mom in the universe. How do you know your a new mom? Leave a comment!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

6 Month Well Visit

Our 6 month well visit is history. Baby Kay passed with flying colors! The little peanut is hitting all of milestones. She rolls over both ways, transfers toys from hand to hand, smiles, laughs, recognizes her mommy and daddy, coos and babbles. She is a superstar baby... but we already knew that.

She was such a good girl during the visit. She was so happy, and she played with her toys while we waited. I tried to guzzle my coffee and stay awake. This little girl was so happy to see her pediatrician. Look at this sweet girl at her 6 month visit.

When our doctor came in, it felt like meeting with an old friend. Would it be weird to say I  am obsessed with her? She is caring, sweet, funny, gentle, and thorough. Everything you could ask for in a doctor...I wonder if she takes 30 year olds?

* Kay weighs in at 15.3 pounds. She is in the 23rd percentile for weight. She is 26 inches long, and she is in the 46th percentile for height. She is a slim little girl, and I hope she stays that way!

* Her head looks amazing! You would never know that it was so flat. This is definitely a result of her sleeping on her belly.

* She is eating like a champ, and it is time to introduce meats. This should be interesting. I am going to keep trying to give her the sippy cup and some water with her bottle. Hopefully, she gets used to it.

* Still no darn tooth...

What an easy appointment. I feel like Daddy and I are in the mommy and daddy zone. We have a good grasp on things right now and we have a nice schedule that works for us right now. I am just going to enjoy it while it lasts. After the appointment, I had the rest of the day off to spend with my girl. What a happy, beautiful day!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bowling, Bows, and Beeps

A happy little girl had a fabulous birthday party on Saturday. Her mommy went all out to make it an extra special day for her sweet daughter.

We headed over to Pinsetters to help Kirsten celebrate her 5th birthday! She was so excited when we got there. As her friends arrived, she jumped up and down and danced around. Too cute! The kids were so excited to get bowling. They raced down the steps to pick their balls and get to their lane! Kirsten had so many friends there, and her mommy met them all with a special shirt to wear for the party!

The decorations were adorable! I loved the bowling theme with green, brown, and pink.

Didn't Angela do such a great job with everything? The kids loved it. Bowling, lunch, more bowling, then a song and cake! Daddy, Baby Kay, and I had a great time! It is so exciting to think soon I will be planning for birthday parties for Kay. Our little girl was so good as usual. She checked out the scene, met some new friends, ate her lunch, then took a little snooze on her mommy. It felt so good. She slept with her bow, bib, and all.

My girl went from one pretty bow to the next as we went home and got ready for our overnight trip to the shore. I went home and repacked the diaper bag, packed my bag, and got all of our "stuff" together. For one night at the shore house, our car was jam packed! How is that possible? I was questioning what I am going to do if we ever have a bigger family?!?  Lexi and my little lady were all ready to go and have a great night with our family.

As we reached Somers Point, we immediately felt so relaxed and happy. It was a beautiful day, and people were out and about. When we got there, our family was there. We ordered food and had fun. Baby Kay was loving all the attention, and she was "talking" to everyone.

Lexi loved being there too...until bedtime. I usually don't sleep great at the shore. My allergies has been horrendous so I took a Benadryl before bed. Daddy and I went to bed kind of early, and I was out like a light! It was the first time that I was sound asleep for the whole night and I was loving it. Baby Kay was sleeping so good in her pack and play too! Not a peep from my little munchkin. Until Lexi started wrecking shop... there was a mysterious beeping. Lexi HATES smoke detectors. She goes wild. The smoke alarm must of needed a battery change because it beeped for a while throughout the night, and Lexi was up ALL night wandering around. Finally, she woke up T & J to get someone up. So Daddy & J searched the house in the dark to find the phantom beeping! Poor Lexi was panting and following them around all bent out of shape! The beeping kept getting louder and louder.

After about 20 minutes of fumbling in the dark, they found out that it was the carbon monoxide detector. Thank god for them because none of us would have been able to sleep with that awful high pitched beeping.

In the morning, we were filled up with a yummy homemade breakfast of eggs, bacon, and belgian waffles and plenty of play time.

This weekend made me so excited for the coming months. They are the best months with a lot of plans of spending time with friends and family. I am more thrilled that Baby Kay is such a good girl no matter what we do. She has the nicest disposition and personality. I hope she stays this sweet forever. Being with her and making these memories might make me happier than the sweet birthday girl.