Thursday, March 8, 2012

Product of the Week - Toddler Lunch Edition

Product of the Week Time!

Since my daughter was a baby, I have been a bit of freak about feeding her. Always trying to make the best choices, I was very picky about what she could have. I have started to ease up, but I am still interested in giving her new things, trying to find ways for her to be open to enjoying healthier foods. I have been obsessed with muffin tin meals and all things bento boxes. Not sure what I am talking about ... follow this chickthis chick, and this chick!

Seriously, who wouldn't want to make a lunch like this for their child! So sweet and special!

Now, in an attempt to spice things up for my little lady, I have started to try to make food look more appealing. Cue products of the week...

1. Lunch Punch Sandwich cutters
Lunch Punch cutters
Cutest designs ever! I love these things... I can get so many different sets on amazon!

2. Wilton Silicon Bake cups

Wilton Bake Cups

There are so many cute designs and funky cups to put healthy foods in. I love these as snack dishes on a colorful plate of food!

3. Bento Lunch Boxes

Easy Lunch Boxes

4. Food Picks
Food picks
These cute seashore picks were my first purchase! I haven't used them yet, but aren't they so cute! I can't wait to use them this summer with some summer themed lunches.

Anyway, I love these things to help make feeding time a little friendlier around my house. How do you get your kids to eat and try new things?


  1. We just offer our little one new foods and she eats them. It may take a few tries for her to get into it, but I try to have it with her so that she sees me enjoying it. We've been lucky that we haven't really run across anything that she doesn't like except watermelon. Poor thing is going to be heart broken when she realizes the citrus season is over when we don't grab grapefruit and oranges at Whole Foods this week. But, we are definitely ready for the berry season to return!

  2. Oh my fun! How great is all of this?
    Nooo, I'm child-less as of the time being & it will probably be a while however this is SO smart. I love it. I'll definitely keep this in mind.