Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Well, I finally have my internet and cable back. Don't worry, I wasn't without thanks to 3G, but I was unable to post to this here little blog.

Hurricane Irene threatened all week. At first, I wasn't paying attention. Daddy started calling me around Wednesday or Thursday saying he was going out to buy flashlights and bottled water. Huh? Why would he need those things I kept thinking to myself. I was out both days with the baby so I was not sitting around watching the news. I had no idea that the forecast was looking so dangerous for all of us on the East Coast.

This was one nasty storm, and it was calling to hit New Jersey late Saturday night. We were planning on going to Ocean City, but those plans were quickly cancelled as all Jersey Shore destinations were evacuated. This is when we started getting worried. On Thursday, I grabbed food at Wegman's with my friend and the store was a mob scene. It seemed like the world was ending. No water anywhere. A cashier in every lane with three or four shoppers patiently waiting with their hurricane essentials. After seeing this, I was getting even more worried.

Daddy and I prepped what little we could. We put away patio furniture and our grill. We took down flags and hanging plants. Finally, we hunkered down together and waited for the storm.

Hurricane Irene brought heavy rains to our area early Saturday evening and they never stopped. It poured with such heavy winds, I was scared. Our backyard looked like a lake within a few hours. We had winds up to 60 mph. It was so loud throughout the night, I could barely sleep. I cannot imagine the fear of a category 4 or 5 hurricane.

The next morning, we awoke to a flooded backyard and some small, fallen branched in the yard. Nothing to worry about, but as I started watching the news, I saw devastation in some surrounding areas.  This storm was no joke, and many people were affected by Irene.

Baby Kay and I stayed inside on Saturday and Sunday to make sure we were safe. There are only a few things to do to keep yourself busy when you are housebound...

Don't pretend your kid never pulled this on you as you turned for one second.

Add caption

How many books can she pull off the shelf?
Sorry for the dark, blurry pictures. It was very dark outside because of Irene, and I was rushing to get these red-handed photos. Hey, at least we are all safe and sound.

Keeping everyone that endured Irene's wrath in our prayers.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Zoo #2

Continuing my quest to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend time with my baby girl, I decided to go to the Zoo this week. The weather at the beginning of this week was beautiful. The kind of days you don't want to waste. My friend and I took our sweet baby girls to visit the animals.

We arrived at the Philadelphia Zoo right around lunch time, and we stopped to feed our girls. The zoo was crowded so it was nice we found a nice table to sit down and have lunch. After lunch we stopped to change diapers and then we were on our way!

The girls are starting to take after each other. Look at the matching foot hold poses! They loved strolling along looking at the animals. We saw some lions, tigers, and bears... and giraffes, pink flamingos, monkeys, and apes.

See the tigers wandering in the background?
Kay especially loved the otters!

Addie and her mommy!
As we were wandering through the zoo, I started hearing people on their cell phones saying things like, "I didn't feel it here. Did you feel it?" "They say it started in Virginia." "The animals were acting stir crazy." Finally, we stopped by the bald eagle to check our cell phones, and I had so many messages from my family informing me there was just an earthquake! An earthquake! Can you believe there was an East Coast earthquake and I didn't feel a thing!?!!? I didn't even know it happened until a few hours later!

As I started hearing stories from friends and family, I was so disappointed that I didn't feel anything or see anything out of the ordinary. We were trying to figure out what time it happened so we could think exactly where we were in the Zoo. We were bummed!

Kay's second time at the zoo was just as wonderful as the first, and it was great enjoying it with friends.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Last Few

In the midst of trying to prepare for going back to work and a new school year, I am definitely enjoying some last few summer days with my family. I am thrilled to be going back to work and lucky to have a job that I do love, but with each passing day my heart grows more and more sad. I do not want to leave my baby girl. So I am trying to spend the last days doing some special things and enjoying the weather.

This past weekend, Daddy and I were able to take Kay back to the beach. We arrived late Friday night, and we woke up to the most beautiful beach day on Saturday. It was picture perfect. It was so perfect that I didn't take any pictures because I was too busy playing with my daughter and sitting with my husband.

When we got back from the beach, we did have to cool off and rehydrate. Look at the sweaty hair on this cutie!

After relaxing a little bit, Daddy, Kay, and I headed to Wildwood boardwalk for a change of pace from our beloved Ocean City. We walked, drank lemonade, had some fries, and played some games. All in all, it was absolutely perfect.

Daddy had to win Kay her first prize! It was a BIG, pink Scooby! 
Our baby girl loved looking at all the lights and people, but after an hour or two she was wiped out tired.

We are definitely ending this summer on a high note. Family time and time with friends is on the top of my priority list. Things I didn't get to around the house, things not checked off of my summer to-do list, they can all wait until next summer. I want to be present in the moment. I want to enjoy spending my days with my daughter.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Product Love

I am seriously loving my Tommee Tippee sippy cups. These Explora Li'l sippee spill proof training cups are amazing. They are great for little hands to hold the handles. They are perfect for training because they have the soft plastic top that Kay loves to chew on. I love them because when I first gave them to her she could get water by just nibbling the top and she didn't have to know how to suck the water out. Although this could pose for a very wet shirt!

They are big enough to clean with just your dish sponge or cloth. I can actually fit my hand inside. I am over using a bottle brush to clean her things. I like fast and easy. These cups are a mommy's best friend. More importantly, she seems to really love them. I have tried numerous cups, and these are the only successful cups that she will drink from.
If you don't like the handles, they do offer the cup without handles.

What products are you loving these days?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Getting Ready

This is going to be a good year. I can feel it. While I am dying inside knowing I have to leave my sweet baby girl at home, I am excited to be getting ready to go back to work. A fresh start always feels good to me. I love the feeling of meeting a new class, having everything neat and organized (too bad it doesn't stay that way with 21 6 and 7 year olds), and getting into a new routine. I definitely feel energized and rejuvenated after spending a summer relaxing with Lexi and my little lady. I feel ready to tackle a new school year!

A new Principal. A brand spanking new reading program. This is shaping up to be a great but busy year. I am off to a great start getting things ready in my classroom. I have unpacked my many many boxes of new reading materials, and now I have to figure out what I am going to do with it all. 

My friend Angela and I have been getting things ready for our new first graders, and I think we are off to a great start! I love having a classroom next to my BFF. It makes life so much more fun! 

Credit to Mrs. Lloyd...I make one heck of an assistant though ;)

With my obsession of blog reading, I have been getting excited for back to school. I have been spreading my wings and exploring some teaching blogs to inspire me with some new ideas, and I found some great first grade blogs. I love seeing what other teachers are doing. Teaching Blog Addict is one of my newest blog obsessions.

Fabulous in First and The First Grade Parade are just two of the first grade blogs I have been checking out. They both have first grade blog rolls, and I love it! I just hope I get some sleep before school starts between pinterest and blogging. Here's to the teachers out there spending their own money and slaving away in their classrooms to make sure all of the kiddies have the best school year ever.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

10 Month Outakes

Trying to get pictures of your on-the-go 10 month old is NOT easy. Here are some outtakes from our 10 month photo shoot.

Oh Mommy! Not the camera again. Oh, I can put on a show for you.
Whoops! No EYES! 
Let's take a timeout for some vanity time. 
"Daddy, Can you bring her back here?"
OOOoooh a magazine. Let me tear this to shreds. Are you still trying to take pictures?
"Ugh Daddy! Can you bring her back here again!"
I love cords. Cords, plugs, oh my. How quickly can I put this in my mouth before mommy stops me?
Mommy, I thought we were playing peek-a-boo with the curtains! No more pictures.
How do your photo sessions go?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Months!

Another one bites the dust. My baby girl is another month older and another month closer to her big first birthday. We are now in double digits people. Seriously, how did this happen?

Happy 10 Months to my sweet Kailyn. This little lady has quite the personality. She amazes me everyday with her development. She changes and learns every single day we spend together. I mean look at this child. She is getting to be such a big girl!

At 10 months,

* you wear size 3 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. I am buying you 12-18 for fall, and I hope they fit. I love the fall clothes out now, and I am getting the fall itch. I can't wait to put you in jeans, leggings, and sweet sweaters and snuggly clothes.

* you are in summer mode like mommy! You sleep from 8pm to 7 or 7:30 am! I love sleeping in, and 7:30 feels like sleeping in to me. You take two good naps during the day too.

* you cruise the furniture and stand up holding on all day. Standing looking out the sliding glass door, standing playing with your mirror, standing sticking your hand in the toilet, standing trying to climb the Ottoman to reach a cellphone/ipad/remote. There is nothing you wont stand against. You climb like a little monkey. You have no fear.

* you are sleeping in a crib that is completely lowered. As mentioned above, you climb like crazy. This was a necessity in our household.

* you are one fierce crawler. You zoom so fast around this house. It is now time to lock the cabinets and put the baby gate on the stairs. You open and close, open and close, open and close the cabinets and doors all day long. On your first meeting with the stairs, you climbed to the 4th one! Yikes. You little stinker, you.

* you still only have those sweet two bottom teeth. I would bet money that one of those top ones will be cutting through in the next day or so. You have not been your usual sweet, easy, pleasant self (and that is putting it lightly).

* you are really starting to eat "real" food! Tonight, you had a few small tortellini from a soup I made. You have tried grilled cheese, quesadillas, chicken, homemade meatballs, crackers, cereal bars, veggies, and tons of fruit! You love cherries and watermelon. I am so interested to know...what are you feeding your 10 month olds? How often to they eat baby food vs. "real" food. Do you still puree your food or are you giving small pieces?

* you are too cute for words with your cheesy smile, wispy hair, and dimple.

Happy 10 months sweetie! 2 more months until your BIG day! I am planning something small but special for you!

Monday, August 15, 2011


15 must be my lucky number. Baby Kay was born on the 15th and I married my sweetie on the 15th. 3 years ago today to be exact.

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful, loving husband. 3 years ago, I was preparing for our wedding day. I was beyond happy and excited. I never felt anything but extreme happiness and luckiness to be marrying my man. He is the most amazing guy I know.

Our wedding day was beyond amazing! We had the best time of our lives. We danced the whole night and never left the dance floor. I look at these pictures and just smile.

Three years ago, my life changed forever. We became one family, and we were so blessed to welcome our little girl into our our family. My family means more to me than I can put into words. I cherish every moment we get to spend together.

To my husband... I love you more than ever. You are an amazing husband, father, and friend. I appreciate all you do for our family! I am looking forward to our special date night tonight. Your 10 MONTH OLD baby girl loves you too! Happy Anniversary.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Kay and Addie have been having a lot of fun together lately. They get to have playdates, go shopping together, go to Gymboree together, and so much more! Kay loves her friend, and I love watching them together.

Today, Kay was able to see her friend for lunch. We met at Duffield's farm market and got some corn and peaches. Then, we strolled and looked at the animals. The girls are becoming much more aware of what is going on, and it was fun watching them look at the animals. Before we know it, the girls will be walking and feeding the animals!

With such a beautiful day, we took a trip to the park to play on the swings. Kay loves swinging. She holds on and smiles like crazy. It is like she has been doing it forever. She does get a little dare devilish, and she tries to stand up in the swing or she puts her legs up. This little girl is going to be rough and tough.

After the park, we came home for some lunch. We had some hungry baby girls.

We ate lunch...

Or we tried too when we weren't playing games and messing around.

How big is Addie? Addie is soooo BIG!

Kay thinks that is cute. She loves her friend. These two girls are going to get into some trouble together. We can already tell.

I LOVE playdates. They make me happy.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Better Late Then Never

This post is a little delayed, but I have to tell you about the amazing time I had with amazing friends seeing Tim McGraw two weeks ago. Okay, so the post is a lot delayed. What can I say except I am in summer mode!

When you think Tim McGraw, I hope you think... of him touching my hand! You will have to keep reading for details.

Here is the man of the hour... now I have to preface this post by saying these pictures were sent to me from a friend of a friend who was sitting right at the stage. So while I had the MOST amazing seats, this person was feeling Tim's sweat drip on him all night!

It was the hottest day of the decade, and we decided to brave the concert. I am sure glad we did because it was the most fun I have had in a long time.  It felt good to give up mommy duty for a night and let loose. I was able to act like a fool, and I felt like my old self for a little while.

Since it was dangerously hot, we decided to go out for dinner before going to the concert. We went to Seasons 52, and we had a yummy dinner. Then, we tailgated for an hour, and it wasn't so bad with a cold beer and a cold, wet rag to put on your neck! Within two minutes I was a sweaty mess so you will not be seeing any pictures of me on this here blog. When I say sweaty mess, I am not joking. My clothes and hair were soaked. It was  THAT hot.

Luke Bryan opened for Tim, and he was Ahhhh Mazing. Have you ever seen him? He is too cute, and you have to see him in his tight jeans. He definitely got the party started. 

Then I almost died, Tim McGraw came in behind us. After he opened with two of my ALL TIME favorite songs (Something Like That and Where The Green Grass Grows), he walked right past us singing on his way to the stage and ....

HE TOUCHED MY HAND! It was like a shake/embrace.

I almost died. I am not kidding. I thought he was going to pass me by, but he didn't...he reached out and touched me. If I didn't die from that then I could have possibly died from the heat under the pavilion. My friend Ang read that at one point it was 130 degrees under there!

We had amazing seats and an amazing time! We were sweating like crazy, dancing like crazy, and singing like crazy. Let's do it again soon girls! 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Angel Wings

This darling little pup got her angel wings today. She went to her "furever" home, and it was very emotional. Sweet Dutchie (now named Rainbow) is going to have a purpose in her life. She is going to a wonderful family that is facing a horrible tragedy. Dutchie's new family lost their little boy this month, and I know that this sweet pup is going to bring this family a tiny amount of joy during a devastating time. I hope that she can put a smile on a face and give a snuggle or a cuddle when one is needed.

My heart goes out to this amazingly strong family.

Throughout this adoption process, I debated keeping this pup. She is so very special. Once her brother left, it was like she was just another member of our family. She fit in so nicely. She was amazing with Baby Kay and she was easily becoming fast friends with Lexi. Lexi was even sharing her toys and bones, and that is saying a lot! Knowing that this pup is needed by this family makes giving her up easier for me. I know this was a match made by someone in heaven. Last night after a bad thunder storm, I took Dutchie a.k.a. Rainbow out to go to the bathroom, and there was a huge double rainbow in the sky. It made me smile.

So, tonight is my first night without the pup, and I am debating taking more pups this weekend! I must be nuts. There are 24 pups coming into the rescue this weekend all from high kill shelters. If you are interested in adopting, check out Puppies and More Rescue.

Baby Kailyn loved playing with her pup. She would take her toys and hold them up in her face. Teasing the dogs.... nice. Kay got some new toys this weekend herself. For the hefty price of $5, she got her own tunnel, Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Home, Fisher Price Sing Along Stage, 3 books, and a small bead maze. Yard Sale shopping at its best! Insane I know! With a new set of batteries and some elbow grease, these toys are like brand new!!

Baby Kailyn is loving her new toys. We are going to spend the month of August playing with them before "it that must not be named" comes.