Tuesday, July 26, 2011


We are all still alive over here. With a teething baby, 2 pups (now 1 lonely pup), and an emergency visit to my hubby's ortho Dr. friend for xrays, we have had a busy, busy two days. 

First, my pups are doing great! They are beyond sweet and good! I have only had to change their papers twice because they go to the bathroom outside when I take them out! Whatever lucky person adopts them will have an easy time housebreaking them! 

instead of potty, this is what they use their papers for! 
So I do have some good news, my sweet buddy Duke is now in his forever home. He left today, and although it was sad, I know he is going to a good, loving home. I am so happy and proud that I played a part in helping him.

The bad news is that my sweet little Duchess is so lonely. She misses her brother. She does love Lexi, and she loves us, but I am sure the separation was hard on her. I am giving her extra love, kisses, and attention. She is still looking for her family, and I hope she finds them soon ;)

She seems pretty comfortable until then.
It has been extremely hot here. Actually, I think it has been extremely hot everywhere! We have been staying inside a lot. It is too hot for Lexi girl and babies outside. Occasionally, we will go outside for an after dinner skinny dip.

Today, I twisted my ankle so badly it brought me to immediate tears. I actually had to have it x-ray'd. Not broken, but hurts like a b*tch! You know, the good old RICE method isn't gonna cut it when I am chasing around Baby Kailyn and my sweet pup. Oh boy, this week will prove to be interesting. I haven't had an ankle sprain in years, but this isn't my first rodeo so I will be okay. It is just frustrating! 

Can you believe July is almost over? My jaw dropped when I noticed the date! Scary Stuff! 

Sunday, July 24, 2011


breed or buy, while someone as cute as this could die? 

These two scruffy pups are my first two puppies as a foster mommy. They are sweet, loving, spunky, and they are looking for a forever home. Who wouldn't want to adopt these beauties!?

You all know that I am a dog lover. My dog, Lexi, is my best friend, and I couldn't imagine our family without her. We got Lexi from Puppies and More Rescue three and a half years ago. She was rescued from a kill shelter in Lexington, KY. Ever since that day, I knew I always wanted to do something to help the rest of those sweet pups who may have the same fate Lexi would of have if she wasn't rescued and put in a loving foster home until she found a forever home.

This summer, I decided to become a foster mommy to rescue pups that come into the rescue. I want to help shower them with love, take the best care of them, and help them get over the trauma that I can only imagine they went through. More importantly, I want to make sure they find the best forever home that will be a perfect match! These two sweet terrier mix pups are my first and hopefully not my last. They are playful, outgoing, and lovable. If you want to adopt them, you can find more information here.

I am so extremely against buying pups at a pet store. Just watch this video and I would hope you would feel the same way. Buying a puppy at a pet store is completely ridiculous to me when you could save a life like these gorgeous pups!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Big Girl Bath!

Hi Peeps,

Look at me! I am a big girl now. I can take a bath in the regular tub. I just love making mommy's heart skip a beat as I climb around the tub to get my toys that float away. I love trying to reach for the faucet too. It feels so good to sit in the water, and I don't mind when mommy pours the water over my head. It is actually cool.

I got this cool new Elmo bath mat today that I just love. All of my friends are going to be jealous. I love trying to get Elmo off of the mat, and I try my hardest but he seems stuck on there. Bath time is one of my favorite times of day. When it is over, I am so sad that I stand up and look over the edge and just wish I could get back in. Plus, I like watching the water go down the drain.

Love, Kailyn

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anyone Wanna Go For A Ride?

She loves riding around the patio. Backyard summer fun makes my day. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, July 15, 2011


July 15th marks the 9 month mark for my baby girl! Happy 9 months Baby Kailyn! 9 months ago you rocked our world! Your entrance into our lives was such a whirlwind, and I think back to that day and think how truly lucky and blessed I am to be your momma. I cherish everyday with you and I love you to pieces.

At 9 months, I am noticing big changes in you and how you navigate your world. You...

* weigh 16.11 pounds and you are 27 and a half inches. This is why your 6-12 month still seem to fit nicely (except the pajamas that button all the way up - we are in 12-18 months). Today, I actually just bought you a few of your first fall clothes in 12-18 and I sure hope they fit come fall because they are too cute for words.

* still wear size 3 diapers. My preferences is still the Swaddlers Sensitive. We tried the cruisers, but they don't seem as soft and comfy. I haven't had any problems so why change it up!

* love yogurt! You are trying a ton of new foods especially finger foods. You love pieces of bananas and blueberries (I peel the skin off for you). You won't feed those to yourself because you don't like the texture. You have tried pieces of avocado, peas, carrots, cheerios, and Gerber puffs. Today, you had your first sweet potato french fry at Bobby's Burger Palace. I figured if you are going to have a french fry, your first one should be from Bobby Flay!

She LOVED it! 
* crawl and move constantly. You can crawl and just sit up on your own so wonderfully. You are really starting to gain balance and strength. You try to climb on EVERYTHING! You are ridiculously obsessed with the remote controls.

* are getting more adventurous with your crawling. You crawl in every room and space of our house. You are willing to go out of the room and out of sight. You are a brave, little girl.

* have graduated from your infant tub! I sit you up in the regular tub with some little non-slip pads (that aren't working out too well - so I need a bath mat) and you love it. You don't mind getting your face and head soaked at all! In fact, it doesn't faze you as you continually try to crawl away in the tub to pull the drain stop out, touch the shiny faucet, and anything else you can do to give me a heart attack that you are going to slip and get hurt (hence, the need for a nice big bath mat).

* are starting to babble constantly! I am finally hearing ba-ba-ba-ba! You talk to your best friend Lexi all day long. Your high pitched screeching is funny too!

* are one cutie pie!

It was rough getting these pictures! 
Until she could snuggle! 

Kailyn, you are just amazing. Look at that smile.

Now that you are 9 months old, I am starting to stress about your first birthday party! It is going to be here before you know it! I better get to planning and deciding. Esty, here I come!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Days

Why is it that when I have "nothing" to do, I am busier than when I am working. I have been running around the past few days. I couldn't even tell you what I have been doing. I am running errands, doctor appointments, Gymboree, and things of that nature, but I have no idea what is keeping me so busy. I do have ALL day, but when I blink it is 6:00 pm and I have to start thinking about bathtime and bedtime.

Everyday, starts out the same. By the time the baby goes down for her morning nap, the house looks like a bomb went off. Toys, bibs, and cheerios thrown about the place just waiting to be picked up. By the time everything is picked up and cleaned up, I have approximately 2.2 seconds to shower before I hear her sweet voice singing and cooing over the baby airways.

Being a working mom, I want to make every moment I spend with her count. Even on my most exhausted days, I cherish our mornings playing in our jammies.

The rest of the day is spent running around lugging a filled to the brim diaper bag because I don't know where the day will take me. When the day brings me back home, I usually end up throwing together something for dinner, getting Kay ready for bed, and crashing.

Today, Kay was the one who crashed. Remind me not to let these hectic days cause us to miss nap again. Yikes!

Yesterday, we had our 9 month well visit. This baby girl is perfectly healthy and happy. She weighs in at a whopping 16.11 pounds (16th percentile). She is a slim girl...lucky little lady. She is average height in the 51st percentile. It was an easy, quick visit. And yes, I am still madly in love with our pediatrician.

Well, I better get some rest because I don't know what's in store for tomorrow!  How do you spend your summer days?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello there.

Long time, no see. I have been crazy busy, and I haven't had my computer with me for a few days. This past weekend we traveled up to Skaneateles, NY for a friend's beautiful lake wedding.  After a tearful goodbye, we left Baby Kay at home with my mom, and we made the trip up to Syracuse. It was incredibly hard being away from my sweet baby girl, but seeing my friends made it worth it. Daddy and I had a great time.

The wedding was gorgeous. You would NOT even believe how beautiful this bride looked. I only have a few pictures and they aren't the best, but you have to see this dress. It was Ahh-Maze-Ing.

Here is a picture from her talented photographer, Megan Dailor! Look at this couple! I am so happy for them!
There is something about a bride dressed in a beautiful white dress. Since my own wedding, I have been envious of every bride I see on her wedding day. There is a glow, a radiance that lights up the day. I still get butterflies when I think about how happy I was, and I feel like I am in a secret club with the bride because now she is experiencing the feeling. Oh how I wish I could do our wedding over again. It was a magical, happy day.

This wedding was also a magical day, and I was happy to be there to help celebrate.

It was my first time leaving the baby overnight. Thank goodness for my mom. I knew I didn't have to worry, but it didn't make it easier when I felt a pang in my chest that I wanted to be with her and hold her. We raced home and the car wasn't even in park and I was rushing through the door to see her. Her little smile greeted me, and I knew I was home sweet home.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pool Party Round 1

We had our first pool party of the season! It is my favorite weekly summer date. When I arrived, the amazing hostess with the mostess whipped up a little gourmet lunch for us. We had fresh veggies from her garden, strawberry salsa with homemade cinnamon sugar pita chips, and tomato-basil-mozzarella flat bread. So yummy! 

Angela has the most gorgeous pool, and Baby Kailyn enjoyed it. She seemed to like the pool and the warm water. I swung her around, put her in a float, and held her. I even dunked her head under water for the first time. She seemed a little shocked but she did not seem to mind it at all. One, Two, Three... Weeeee! 

After a short but lovely swim, I tried to get a few pictures of these three cuties together, but that did not go so well.
Take One
Take Two
Take Three
Take Four
Take Five
You get the picture.  These girls are going to be best friends, and they are taking nicely to each other. The older girls care about Baby Kailyn, and I look forward to the days when they are running around that pool like banshees.

Here's to another summer full of swim dates, naps, and momma time!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Bum

I love the feeling of my toes in the sand, staring at the water, sitting back, reading a good book, and taking a snooze. I am definitely a beach bum. Too bad, it looks like those days are long gone! I have one explorer on my hands who likes to be entertained.

Simply preparing to get to the beach is hard work. I pack her lunch, sunscreen, hat, toys, water bottle, diapers, and a million other things. Then, I find myself wandering around the house seeing what else I can throw in the bag, checking and double checking if I have forgotten anything. Then, it is time to get dressed. In a haze of white sunscreen, I apply, reapply, and reapply once more until my little munchkin is covered in disgusting white specs and slime. Then, try getting her bathing suit up on her slimy body. Not an easy task.

It is all worth it though. The memories we are creating are well worth the hassle of packing and prepping a baby for the beach. Watching her excitement as the water hits her toes, watching her crawl in the wet sand, or watching her fuss over getting her hands dirty are little moments in her life that I will never forget.

This weekend we were lucky enough to spend our holiday down the shore. The baby is getting used to the beach, but it is a lot for her. She gets so tired from all of the excitement! I am sure hoping that she enjoys it as much as we enjoy taking her. Aside from my anxiety of worrying if she is happy, hot, scared, eating too much sand, drinking enough water, etc. I wonder if all this momma worrying is normal?

One thing I know for sure, this sure looks like a happy beach bum to me!

Baby Kay's bonnet was purchased at Happy Baby boutique in Cape May, NJ. You can find the bonnets here. So cute and chic!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July! Do you love the red, white, and blue as much as I do? From barbecues to fireworks, the Fourth is one of my favorite holidays. Today, our country is busy hanging flags, eating, and partying. Take a look at these top 4 fun facts...

1. When the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776, an estimated 2.5 million people lived in the new nation. Today the country’s estimated population is 311.7 million.

2. $486,026 worth of U.S. flags exported in 2010. The leading customer? Mexico, our neighbors to the south, bought $256,407 worth.

3. In 2007, U.S. manufacturers’ shipments of fireworks and pyrotechnics (including flares, igniters, etc.) valued at $231.8 million.

4. 81 million Americans said they took part in a barbecue in 2010.

Fun Facts courtesy of the U.S. Census Bureau for a full list visit here.