Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Birth Story

Baby Keira is almost 3 weeks old, and I couldn't be happier. She is an amazing addition to our family. Big sister Kay is loving on her new "baby" and we are adjusting to our new life at home. 

Baby Keira's birth was so incredible, and it was a moment I never want to forget.

At the end of August, I was about 33 weeks pregnant and I returned to my classroom to unpack and start setting up for another school year. Until this point of pregnancy, I had been feeling great! I had a little heartburn, but other than that, I enjoyed every waking moment of my summer with Kay. When I returned to work, it took a toll on me. 

After less than a week with my new class, I took an emergency trip to see my Dr. after I had been having a ton of contractions and I had a scare that my water had broken. She immediately put me out of work to rest. I had such mixed emotions. I was happy to be able to rest and take care of this little baby, but I was bummed to not be setting up the new school year with my class. 

Well, two days later, I started having this uncontrollable itching... I am talking severe itching that kept me up all night. It was all over my body. I couldn't understand it! After some googling and worrying, I called my Dr. She wanted me to go to the hospital to have my blood work taken to rule out a condition known as cholestasis. Well, after a day in triage on the monitors, I was diagnosed with cholestasis, a liver and gallbladder condition that can affect your unborn baby. I would be seeing my high risk Dr. again and I would be monitored closely for the next week or two until I could be induced. It was scary for me and my little babe.

Thankfully, I didn't have to worry too long! My body must not like being pregnant past 35 weeks. Three days later, I started having contractions and I went into labor. I had been at the Dr. that afternoon and I was contracting the whole time I was there. I was 35 weeks and 2 days... the exact same day of pregnancy that my Kay was born. How insane is that?!? 

After contracting all night, we left for the hospital around 6:00 am on Wednesday, September 19th. We arrived in triage when the nursing staff was switching shifts. All I wanted was to get checked and to head to labor and delivery! I was starting to contract like crazy, and I knew my first labor was fast and furious. After almost an hour, I was checked and I was 5 cm dilated! We moved quickly to labor and delivery after that! 

My sweet hubby (who happened to look and feel like death with the flu) and my mom were with me. I was able to get my epidural and get comfortable for an hour or two. Then, I was ready to push, but I had to wait for almost another hour so I could get two rounds of antibiotics. With a 35 week baby, they wanted to wait as long as possible for me to get these meds. When it was time, my Dr. broke my water and Baby Keira was here 5 minutes later! I am lucky with pretty fast labor and relatively easy deliveries.

It was such an exhausting two week stretch, and I was so thrilled that our baby was here safe and sound. The second she was placed on my belly, I knew she was perfect. She looked SO big compared to her sissy and she looked strong and beautiful. She had a full head of black hair, a perfectly shaped head, and smooth skin! She was simply AMAZING.

The joy I felt when I heard the Dr. say, "It's a girl!" was so overwhelming. I just started crying. I was so happy that my Kay would have a sister!

The past three weeks have been busy. They have been filled with love and sweetness. They have changed my life. Welcome to our family Keira Jane.

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