Sunday, April 14, 2013

Masterful Weekend

Well, I survived parent teacher conferences, open house, and a field trip. Talk about an exhausting week. It all ended, and I was looking forward to enjoying some family time this weekend. Then, I remembered we wouldn't be leaving the house since it was Masters weekend. As in golf. As in my hubby is obsessed and has talked about it all week.

Now, I love me some golf too, but my hubby is too obsessed that it is borderline intervention worthy. And if Phil isn't in the final pair on Sunday, then I usually feel disappointed.

Saturday, we ran around all morning. Running errands with your family makes running errands so much more fun. After running errands, we stopped for a bite to eat.

These two with their vests are so sweet!

And this one is going to be having a bite to eat soon with these two teeth that have popped through!

Then, we spent the rest of the weekend with family. The Masters was one of the most exciting ever with Adam Scott getting his first green jacket. I still have a gallon of things to do, but I guess they will have to stay on the to-do list until next weekend. Hope you had a beautiful weekend!

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  1. Oh man glad for surviving all that!

    Wow teeth! How adorable!