Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

The unofficial start of summer is behind us and although the weather didn't cooperate, we had good times to be remembered. After work on Friday, I got home, made dinner, bathed our kids, packed our bags, and we were off. We headed to Ocean City with a shit ton of shit in tow. No, seriously, our car was packed to the brim.

I was dragging Friday night, but it was nice to wake up down the shore with our family, breakfast, and relaxation. We also woke up to 40 mph winds. It was cold and windy at the shore to put it mildly. Not a beach day, but we enjoyed it just the same at the playground.

With so much wind, we spent time relaxing inside, joking around, bringing back Texas Holdem, and realizing that putting an iPhone in a glass is an instant speaker. Thank you Pinterest. 

Once we woke up on Sunday, the weather had changed drastically and it was BEAUTIFUL! We walked the boardwalk, ate lunch, and went on some rides. This little girl loved the Merry-Go-Round, and she rode more times than I would like to count. She absolutely loves it. "Can I go again Mommy?" 

The Merry-Go-Round watchers were perfectly happy snuggling and waving to the big girl. 

It was a great weekend to kick off the summer. Even though we didn't hit the beach, we had a great time and enjoyed the shore. I can't wait to be with my girlies all day every day.


  1. Aw, that's how I feel, too!!! :) Countdown is on!


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