Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our First Beach Day of the Season

And it was a beauty!

We headed back to the shore this weekend, and we had a blast. Saturday night, we continued our big Texas Hold'Em game with beers, laughs, and music. I may or may not have a new Texas Hold'Em obsession and play it on my phone every chance I can.

We woke up to a breezy, cool morning but it was the clearest blue sky I have seen in a while. After a slow start, breakfast, and multiple cups of coffee, we headed to the beach. We packed our stuff, got dressed, and we walked our 5 blocks to the beach. Once we got there, we started unpacking and realized that we forgot our beach bag! Fail.

Good thing Pop Pop was still there to drive it up to us. We were able to avoid disaster (and it wouldn't be the only time that day). 

Kailyn was right at home on the beach playing in the sand and snacking her head off. She didn't miss a beat from last year. 

This girl adores the beach. She plays her heart out. The water was freezing, and she wanted to be held and run away from it. "Here comes the water!" she kept screeching in her sweet little voice.

Baby Keira loved her first trip to the beach too. She sat on the blanket and rocked the cuteness.

As we headed back to the house to eat and get cleaned up, we realized that we forgot our house keys. Thank goodness for my future brother in law - he was able to break in for us or we would have been miserable while we waited to be bailed out.

It was the perfect beach day to start off our summer. Work is winding down, and soon I will be able to be with these baby girls all day every day. Summer here we come!

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  1. Yay for summer!! I am counting down the days, too!