Monday, December 12, 2011

Birthday Date Night

After an insanely busy week, Daddy and I were able to relax with a special birthday date night. My hubby surprised me with tickets to see Jersey Boys in Philly. I have been wanting to see the show for a while, and I had mentioned it to him a while back. He hemmed and hawed, but it was all a trick. I was so happy mid-week when he told me we were going!

Our vet called to say that the test came back on Lexi's tumor, and she has stage 2 cancer. I will tell you more about that later. This week was draining. With report cards, observations, and late conferences, I was so happy when Friday rolled around.

We started off the night with a Mexican dinner at Distrito in the city. It was so good. It just made my obsession for Mexican food stronger. I know my hubby wasn't too thrilled, but he did it for me. Then, we stopped for a dessert at Philly cupcake! One special birthday cupcake for the birthday girl!

I know it is hard to see. I ate my gingerbread cupcake waiting for the show to start. It was heavenly.

This was my first time at Forrest Theater. I love the old feeling of it, but I hated the tiny seats and cramped leg room. My knees were slamming the seat in front of me all night. Once the show started, I didn't care though. I LOVED it!!! Jersey Boys was so good!

If you haven't seen the show, you must! The cast was amazing. The singing was even better! I loved spending the night with my hubby. It was the perfect beginning to my birthday weekend.

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