Monday, January 31, 2011


Kay has changed so much in the past week! She is starting to do new things, and I love watching her grow. She is 15 weeks old, and she is the sweetest baby in the world.

She has started really exploring her hands lately. She makes a fist, puts it in her mouth, and sucks on her little hand. It is the cutest thing ever. She looks at her hands is like she is thinking "what are these things?" She has really started to grab my fingers and hair. I can't wait for her to reach out for an object and hold it in her hand.

She is talking all the time. She sings and coos to me constantly. She started blowing bubbles and making raspberries with her lips. It is adorable. She leaves a little spit bubble on her lip!

Kailyn has made so much progress during tummy time. She can hold her head up much better in the past two weeks, and she has stopped crying the instant I put her down.

2 weeks ago and I could barely lift my head

Look at me now! 

It is a little harder without the pillow, but she tries her hardest! She even kicks her back legs up like she is trying to turn herself over.

Watching Kailyn grow and change has been one of the most unique experiences. These things may seem little, but they show me how my girl is exploring her own little world. I love you sweet girl.

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