Sunday, January 2, 2011


My friend S and I met at work. We quickly became friends, and our friendship grew when we both found out we were pregnant a few weeks apart. We were lucky enough to go through our pregnancies together. We were able to celebrate our showers together. You may remember me getting a gift ready for this lovely day. We were able to go to classes, tours, and stores together. We even finished our registries together! It was helpful and comforting to have someone to talk to about everything.

So after going through all of this, we were blessed enough to go through our births and hospital stays together. Kay and Adonella were born one day apart! The same doctor delivered the babies, and we were across the hall from each other in the hospital! It is a story that is going to be so special to tell the babies as they get older and get to know each other.

Our daughters are already friends. We have been out together a few times, but the babies were really in their car seats. So I was thrilled when I had the chance to watch Addie for a little while! It was Kay and Addie's first true meeting, and it was the cutest thing.

When Addie arrived, she was sleeping like a good girl.

Once she started waking up, I put her in the bouncy seat to keep her happy. She seemed to like it. What do you think?

Kay was sleeping in her swing. I didn't want to disturb her because I was nervous that they would get each other worked up, but our time together turned out to be a hit. Adonella's mom and dad were back in no time, and we let the girls have a play date!

It was so much fun! I hope the girls become close friends. S anytime you need a babysitter...I'm ready!

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  1. What amazing pictures of those beautiful babies! Wow!