Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It happened. We are sick here in our house. Dobbie and mommy are tired and have sore throats, but more importantly, our baby girl is sick. It started out as a little runny nose on Saturday and has progressed ever since. Today, she has a horrible cold with a terrible cough.

We went from runny nose to stuffy nose to irritating cough and chest cold. Baby Kay isn't eating and she sounds horrible. She has coughing fits so bad that she gags and chokes. This morning we called the doctor to make sure we got her an appointment today before the snow came. My poor baby girl. Man, it sure breaks your heart! I wish there was something I could do to make her feel better.  I would do anything to make her comfortable.

The doctor just recommended Pedialyte, saline spray for her nose, and lots of TLC. The last part is no problem for me!

I LOVE our pediatrician. We go to a very large practice, and I called to schedule an appointment today. This Dr. made sure we were able to see her, and she squeezed us in at the end of her day! She gave us good advice and gave us things to watch out for. She was even impressed by Kay's neck strength and range of motion, and she complimented me!

So we cancelled plans for the next few days and we are just going to rest and relax. Hopefully, we will be snowed in! This baby girl is so sweet and special. Even when she is sick, she still manages to give me a heart warming smile.

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