Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter - Take 2

Our Easter weekend was filled with so many exciting activities. We started off our fun weekend on Friday with a trip to our friend Angela's house. An Easter egg hunt was in store for our sweet crew of kiddies. We had a table full of yummy food and drinks. How can you go wrong with this bunny bread? Nice job, Lis! 

The kids were all set to put on their bunny ears and look for eggs!

My child wasn't interested in the bunny ears as much as she was dumping this container of chalk on the floor! Her newest obsession. After we ate some yummy snacks, we tried to get some pictures.

Look at Kay checking out Baby Max! She wasn't having it.
Then the escape artists took flight.

What a cute day for the kids! They all had a great time and got some goodies in their personalized little buckets. Can't wait until next time ladies!

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