Monday, April 30, 2012

The Details

Yup, we are expecting our second baby! We are so excited. If you have been wondering why I have been slacking in the blog department, you can probably now put two and two together. I have been way too exhausted to get the computer out at night!

My due date is October 23rd! Yes, you read that right! My kids will be 2 years apart almost to the day! It makes me so thrilled... and a little nervous. I feel like I don't remember anything about having a newborn. I can't even remember any of the sleep/eating protocols ... is that normal?

On Sunday, February 12th, I couldn't wait another second so I took a pregnancy test after talking about possibly being pregnant with a friend at dinner that night. I almost dropped dead when there was the faintest pink line.

There it is. I thought ... hmmm.... that can't be right. So I waited two more days until I was supposed to get my monthly friend, and when I took the test on Tuesday Valentine's Day ... there it was clear as day.... pregnant! What a gift. We were going through such a hard time with Lexi (the following weekend, we had to put her down) , and this was such a gift ... a perfectly timed gift.

The past 14 weeks have been great! I have been feeling wonderful except for the extreme tiredness. Other than being tired, my allergies are once again getting the best of me. Other than that, I am thanking my lucky stars for two pregnancies with no sickness!

Thanks to everyone for sharing this exciting journey with us!

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