Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A First Taste

Being the diligent mommy that I am, I try to offer my girl only healthy, low sugar, organic options whenever possible. I am finding this to be increasingly more difficult as Kailyn realizes that she is not interested in certain foods (aka vegetables). She still doesn't have many teeth which limits us, and I continue to find feeding time problematic. At times, she is an adventurous eater. I offer her most of the same food that Daddy and I are eating for dinner. Sometimes, she will eat it. Other times, she wants nothing to do with me or the food I am trying to give her.

Since going back to work after the summer, I am becoming more flexible and more realistic when it comes to the feeding department. Also, I am beginning to offer my sweet girl some sweet treats.

The other day, Grammy and I went to lunch with our girl. After we ate, we gave Kay her first taste of ice cream. Man, did she love it!

She was so happy. She was bouncing up and down in her high chair. Her first taste of ice cream, and I think she is going to be a fan for life!

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