Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Elfster - Let the Holiday Season Begin

Have you been on Elfster.com? I love this website. Some friends and I are planning a day of baking followed by a pollyanna. This website rocks. You can set up a pollyanna online and draw names. The names get emailed to you! You can create wishlists, anonymously follow a friend's wishlist, follow birthdays and so much more. Thanks to my friend Angela for setting up our pollyanna!

It seems like the holidays are in full swing. It is stressful because I feel like I am behind the eight ball. With taking care of our Lexi, I have barely thought about Christmas. This might be the first year that I haven't had my decorations up and tree up Thanksgiving weekend. Why is everyone rushing me? The stores are making me feel like everything is flying off the shelves and nothing will be left. My neighbors are making my house feel dark and bare with their twinkling lights. I don't like the feeling of this. Christmas is my favorite time of year. I wish everyone would slow down and enjoy it. A girl can dream right?!?

Have you started shopping yet?

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