Monday, November 7, 2011


Time sure flies when you are having fun! I haven't been spending a lot of time online lately because I have been chasing a little lady around and taking care of my family, but Oh how I missed my little blog. In the past few weeks, work has been super busy and hectic with observations, Halloween has come and gone, Daddy has been away for work leaving us in single mom territory, Lexi has an infected growth on her tush requiring her to bang around the house in a cone, and just everyday craziness and to-do lists have taken over.

I can't believe Halloween is over. My sweet baby girl was able to join me for our first Halloween parade and party at work. Daddy brought her to school and stayed with us so I could spend Halloween with my baby calf. I am so thankful that Daddy has the flexibility with his job to do things like this for me. She looked too cute and I loved showing her off at work. Momma dressed up like a farmer, and carried the cutest cow with her.

After work, I bolted out of there to meet up with Baby Addie and spend Halloween trick-or-treating. We pulled the girls in a wagon, and they were so thrilled. They loved being in the wagon, and they loved reaching in their goody bags. These girls had a blast.

This picture says it all! Can't you hear the squeal of excitement coming from this little cow?
We stayed in this wagon until after dark. It was cold, but we didn't tire because these girls did not stop smiling, squealing, and enjoying their first time celebrating Halloween. We were definitely in the Halloween spirit...

 Even the BIG BOYS...

 However, we did find some Halloween scrooges...

Seriously?!?! Come on people.

Even Poppy walked to a few houses with us to enjoy Kailyn's first night of trick-or-treating. 

I loved spending time with family and friends. We were even invited to an Italian dinner and homemade donuts with Sabrina and her family. It was perfect! 

Anyway, I loved every second of our Halloween this year. I felt so important like I had such an important job taking my girl around and beginning a new tradition. I will always remember this day because it was our first of many trick or treating nights! 

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