Wednesday, January 18, 2012

15 months old!

When you say 15 months, it feels like an eternity, but the past 15 months flew by in no time. Kay is officially 15 months old. She is a feisty spitfire with a strong will and an intensity that rivals only her momma's. She is happy, smart and playful. This little girl is full of life at 15 months. 

At 15 months, 
- She weighs 20 lbs. and is 30.5 inches.  She has really filled out from her early days of being a ridiculous peanut. 
- She walks and walks and walks and walks some more. It is so cute to watch her stand up and just take off. 
- She understands so much of what we say...she gives high fives, points to her nose, and claps. She doesn't have any words yet, but she "talks" all day long. She may say "DaDa" but it isn't consistent yet so I can't tell! She stacks her toys and climbs everything.
- She has finally transitioned to one nap a day.  She sleeps like a champ!

My sweet baby is now a toddler. Aside from the eating problems we have, she is a peach. I love you Kay Kay! 

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