Monday, November 15, 2010

Happy One Month!

One fabulous month. One love filled, snuggle filled, kiss filled month. One diaper changing, sleep deprived, feeding frenzied month. One month that I wouldn't change for the world.

Happy One month baby girl! Mommy and Daddy can't remember life without you, and we don't want to.

At one month, you ...

* are the most beautiful, sweetest baby in the world.

* are still three days away from your original due date. Wow!

* are starting to wake up more and more! I love the times when you are awake and you lay there with your eyes open just looking around and taking everything in.

* drink 3oz. every 3 hours! You are really doing a good job eating! You are going to take after your mommy!

* weigh 6 pounds 12 ounces according to mommy's scale at home! That is 2 pounds more than when you were born!

* sleep for about 4 hours at night before you wake up to eat and last night you slept 5 hours!

* are still wearing your newborn clothes! I am hoping that you will fit into 0-3 month clothes soon because I am getting bored of having you wear the same outfits over and over! I need to start shopping for 0-3 clothes big time!

* have been out of the house a few times! You've been on three walks in your stroller. You went shopping with mommy and daddy.You visited both of your grandparents at their houses too! You HATE your car seat when I first put you in it. You scream your little head off, but once I swing it in the air you stop crying immediately!

* moved into your own room a week ago. You are sleeping in the bassinet in your pack and play because your crib isn't here yet. We got the call yesterday that your crib will  be delivered tomorrow!

* love bath time in the tub. Getting your "bath" on the big sponge was NOT your favorite thing, but once we gave you a bath in your tub, you loved it! You love sitting in the warm water, and you always go to the bathroom in your tub! You get us every time.

Kailyn, I love you so much. Getting to know you this month has been truly amazing. I can tell the difference between your cries. I know which cry means you are hungry, which cry means you are pissed, and which cry means you want your momma. I love watching the funny faces you make. You have your Daddy's scowl, and you get the same wrinkles in your forehead. I am so lucky to be your mommy! Happy One month!

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