Thursday, November 4, 2010

Poor Dudes - 2nd Edition

I am sure you are all dying to know how Lexi is doing? With a new baby, Lexi and her world have been turned upside down. She is actually handling the whole situation better than expected. But I still feel bad for my poor Dudes.

Dobbie had been bringing home things that the baby wore in the hospital for Lexi to sniff. Lexi had a hat  from the baby and a blanket from the baby. Dobbie said Lexi actually slept with her head on the blanket one night! With me being in the hospital for three days, I was worried Lexi was probably missing me and feeling upset already.

We brought the baby home, and we were nervous. I had read that the dog and baby should meet on "neutral" territory. We had Lexi come outside and we tried to introduce them in the driveway. Lexi was too excited to see me and that didn't really work out. So, we went inside and we set the peanut on the floor in her car seat. Lexi was really hesitant to go up to the car seat, but she did put her neck out and sniff the peanut. She had NO IDEA what this little thing was! Dobbie and I think that she thought it was some type of rodent. It didn't help that Baby Kay made little peeps and squeaks like a little mouse.

Lexi has been doing great. At first, she spent a LOT of time outside in the backyard. She didn't want to come in. My AMAZING mom stayed with us when we brought the baby home, and she spent lots of time loving Lexi up. She took her to the park and played with her in the backyard. I really think this helped Lexi get used to the new peanut. Lexi will sniff the baby's head or foot, but she keeps her distance. In the beginning, she growled once or twice, but not anymore. Now, she just stares at the peanut. She HATES when the baby cries, and she comes running to check it out. 

Lexi is interested in the baby, but she is scared of her. I wonder when they will become friends. I hope Lexi comes around. She doesn't sleep in our room anymore and she doesn't seem as spunky. My poor Dudes. 

When I lay the baby down...

Lexi is always close by. 

We still love you, Dudes. Come back and sleep under the bed. Camp Lexi misses you. You are a good girl.

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  1. Dudes has set up camp in the front bedroom. Not sure she will ever come back!