Monday, November 29, 2010

How MY Life Has Changed - By Lexi

Okay, my mom is not telling you the truth. She is making everything seems like roses and daisies over here and that is not the case! My life has changed drastically, and I don't see it getting any better any time soon.

First of all, I was blindsided! I was not warned of this intruder in my house, and I feel betrayed. All of a sudden they came home with this thing. They pay attention to it all day long! My mom holds it and talks to it all day. What about me?!? Am I chopped liver?

They made me give up my sleeping quarters. I no longer sleep under their bed in Camp Lexi. THEY make me sleep in the guest bedroom alone! How RUDE! Okay, they don't make me, but they had that thing in their room and what was a Dudes to do?!

That thing makes so much noise! It grunts and bops and cries! Why don't they make it stop? I have to run and tell them that it is crying! Don't they hear it?!? When I try to cry and screech with it, they tell me to stop. Double Standard.

They either let me outside and leave me there for too long or they don't let me out. I used to get the run of the house. They would let me in and out 100 times a day. They have given that up. Now, they sit on the couch with the thing and they don't get up as much!

Oh and talk about getting outside. What happened to the park?!?! My mom used to take me out all the time.   We used to go for long walks and I could chase anything I wanted. Thank goodness for my dad because he still takes me to chase the tennis ball.

This thing smells. It has smelled up everything in the house. I can't get away from the smell! On top of that, they want me to get near it, but I won't. I sniffed it a few times to make sure the smell was coming from it, but that is as far as I'll go. I don't even want to look at it. As a matter of fact, I don't want to look at my mom. So I don't think I will unless that thing is NOT around. I will just turn my back. That will teach them.

They have even moved my toys! I used to have a toy box, and now there is a pack and play in the way. At first, I couldn't get to my toys. Then, they moved my toy box and they didn't even have the nerve to tell me!

Lately, I have been laying around a lot. They say they aren't getting much sleep, but I am. I sleep all day. What else is a poor doggie with a baby to do?!? I just want to know one thing... Am I still your #1 girl?

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