Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adios to Another Weekend

Another weekend down...I am just closer to spring break and summer vacation. The power of positive thinking ... jump on the bandwagon.

We had a low key weekend. Kay had her first taste of carrots. She was pretty funny. She made a huge mess, and I feel like buying a million bibs and just throwing them away after every carrot feeding because I don't want them near me or any of our clothes. I have nightmares of all of our clothes being stained orange like her little face. Her chin is already dry from me wiping it too much. Poor thing.

We did a lot of dressing up this weekend. One of Dave's friends from work got the baby this mudpie outfit. She finally fits it. I am loving the huge bow. She looks like a little diva. I am thinking of entering her on toddlers and tiaras...but I a not sure this would suffice as my WOW wear dress. I would have to consult my pageant coach on this one. Regardless, she looks ridiculous and too cute for words!

Not much else is new around here. The baby and I had a lazy day and she is starting to really snuggle with me and like it. We lay next to each other on the bed and she burrows her head next to mine and smiles and reaches out for everything in sight. I love it. She seems just happy being close to me. You should see how she reaches for things...she is starting to develop her hand eye coordination.

This week coming up is a busy one for me. Things are getting hectic at work with report cards due, meetings, and observations. I am just getting geared up to handle it all.  Hope everyone has a good week! Happy Spring! Keep your fingers crossed that this beautiful weather is here to stay!

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