Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lacrosse Season

There was time in the not so distant past that I would have been eating, breathing, and sleeping lacrosse right now, but I am not. For that, I am thankful and a little sad. Lacrosse was my life for so long. It was how I defined myself. In college, I was a lacrosse player. Out of college, I was a lacrosse coach. Yes, full time. It always frustrated me when people would say "oh, what else do you do?" Ummmm HELLO. I coach a division 1 team. What do you mean what else do I do? I coach, recruit, scout and drive all over the East Coast. People can be so ignorant. But ...this is all in the past. I met my hubby, and I was ready for something more permanent, something closer to home, and something where I didn't have to work every day & weekend for weeks on end at all hours of the day.  Nowadays, I just constantly check scores and laugh over the forums on laxpower.

Not my best friend, Cristina. She is still busting her hump everyday as she deals with the shenanigans of college kids. And if they are anything like we were, then she better put them on lockdown. She is the Head Coach at Wagner College. Anyway, Friday night we traveled to Villanova for Baby Kay's first lacrosse game. I HOPE she liked it. She is going to be a laxer one way or another!

The game started off good, but Villanova pulled ahead and the Seahawks lost. Sorry Cris! We sat with Kate who was loving Baby Kay up the whole time! I won't even tell Cristina how she didn't watch the game because she couldn't take her eyes off of this binky smile.

This game made me miss lax. It made me miss being part of a team. I have so many memories, stories, friendships, and accomplishments all from being part of a team. I hope one day Baby Kay gets the enjoyment, confidence, and competitiveness from sports that I did. I know whatever it is that she does, she will be the best that she can be.

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