Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New and Improved

SQQQUEEAAALLLLLLLLL! That is me squealing with excitement over my new blog makeover. What do you think? Sigh, let me sit back and stare at it a little longer. Baby Kay's cuteness might just have a rivalry with my look.

Danielle has created this masterpiece for me, and I couldn't be happier with it. I really didn't have a vision for my new blog, but I knew I wanted something girly and chic. This design is even better than any vision I could have had. Danielle was super easy to work with and the makeover took no time at all. I am amazed by all of her work. See for yourself by checking out her portfolio. Isn't she talented? Everywhere you look on see one of Danielle's unique designs! If you are interested in a blog makeover...get on her wait list now!

I am so happy I decided to make some changes around here. I love the new title and feel, and I feel so inspired to share our growth, experiences, and daily happenings. I want to thank my loving hubby for making this happen for me.

How could you not follow a blog with a star this cute? If you haven't already, I would love to have you follow me as we make our way through this maze of life. Click follow me and enjoy the ride!