Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Enough Time...

This is usually what I say on Sunday nights. This weekend I didn't have enough time at all. How the h-e-l-l do these women do it? Managing life. Geez, no one told me it would be this hard and I am lucky enough to have an amazing hubby that helps with dishes, laundry, and Lexi. On Saturday, we did some cleaning up and running around. On Sunday, we spent the afternoon celebrating our sweet niece's 10th birthday. I just kept thinking that I hope Kay's 10th birthday does not creep up on me. I want her to be a sweet baby girl forever. She looked so pretty today for the party, and this momma could not stop smiling at and doting on her.

I really have about 20 more things on my to do list that I NEED to get done, but I guess they will have to wait. I am excited to get this week filled with a dreaded observation (that I still have no plan for)  and parent teacher conferences over quickly because then I will get to see my closest friend. Daddy and I are driving up to see her and we are going to a friend's bridal shower while Daddy is on babysitting duty. There is something so comforting about having the important people you love snuggle and love on your baby. I am hoping this week flies by and I don't lose a lot of sleep worrying about getting everything done before I can enjoy the weekend.

This weekend was amazing spending time with the baby. She changes so much week by week. I will have posts about these things, but I couldn't wait to tell you that she started eating sweet potatoes and she loved them! Also, she finally rolled over from back to front for me! My mom had told me that she did it this week so I was patiently waiting to see it.

This baby girl is reaching for so many objects, and we are on the verge of

drumroll please

her putting this binky in all by herself. She can take it out, hold it, and bring it to her mouth to suck on the edges of it. In no time, she will be grabbing that lil' sucker and sticking it in her own mouth!

Okay, I am getting ready for a Law & Order SVU marathon until my eyes slammed shut. Have a great week everyone!

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