Sunday, March 6, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

Saturday was the day I waited for all week! We were planning on giving Kay her first taste of rice cereal, and I was ready. It was a LONG week with very little sleep due to an unswaddled, over tired, binkie obsessed baby. I had all of the things I needed...cute little spoons, cute little bowls, and our bumbo chair.

Before I could feed this little sweetpea, I needed some food and coffee myself. Daddy ran to get us some breakfast.

Breakfast of Champions?
or Breakfast of Champions?
Oh, it is not what you think. I had the new delicious fruit and nut oatmeal. Even though, I really wanted a greasy breakfast sandwich. I was good. The oatmeal was good too. It tasted like caramel apples. LOVE minus the raisins, but you can't win 'em all.

Ok, now that I was fueled up, I was ready to fuel up my little bambino. I had this nice little picture in my mind of how lovely this would all go. She would spit a little out and smile and like it. Little did I know. Kay was not feeling the rice cereal love today. She HATED it. All she wanted was her bottle. She could not figure out why I was torturing her. It seemed like the only time she actually opened her mouth was when she was crying! Otherwise, her lips were sealed!

I did manage to get some in her mouth. She was so confused, and she made the biggest mess with just a little bit of cereal. She looked awfully cute as a messy baby. Don't you think? 

So, our first taste of rice cereal was not exactly a huge success, but we had a few good laughs! She did take some good naps after eating. Good job little Kay!

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  1. Try the baby oatmeal. Most kids hate the rice cereal and the oatmeal has a little more flavor and will also set them up for being more accepting of future flavors. We're embarking on yellow and orange veggies this week!