Thursday, March 24, 2011

Scrub a Dub Dub

Bath nights are some of my favorite nights. I love the bonding time Kay and mommy get after being apart all day. I love getting our little peanut squeaky clean and lathering her up with lotion. Then, I just sit and smell her head and rub her little fluffy peach fuzz against my face. She loves bath time as much as I do.

Tonight, Daddy joined us for bath night so I was able to get some sweet pictures of my baby girl enjoying her tub. I love our bath time routine. Is it weird that I do things the exact same way every time I give her a bath? First, I wash that sweet little hair...and I make a silent wish that it keeps growing!

Daddy's arms are not that legs are another story.

Next, I scrub her little belly, arms, and legs. I always make sure I scrub under her chin extra good. Who knows what kind of food gets stuck under there. You can't forget to clean between these chubby little fingers. There is always lint between them.

Then, I gently wash her pretty little face. I love the way her eyelashes glisten when they are a little wet.

Then, more soap to clean that little dimpled bottom that is hidden under a diaper all day. Of course, I have to empty the tub and rinse her with clean water at the very end. Now one wants to be rinsed with dirty you never know if she pee pee'd in her tub or not! As she gets rinsed, she is usually so happy that she slams her little feet onto the edge of the tub.

 She watches me get the towel ready and she talks to me as I wrap her up and take her to her room. Daddy is always left with bathroom clean up duty, but he doesn't mind. He loves keeping her tub and bathroom clean.

So tonight, I am watching my clean, sweet smelling baby on the monitor thinking how lucky I am. It is the little things that make me happy. It is our daily routines that mean the most. I can't wait for the weekend, spring break, or summer vacation to enjoy my baby...I have to enjoy my baby every day. I  have to soak it all in, every last bit because pretty soon my baby won't fit in her tub, won't let us give her a little mohawk, and won't want me to pick out her pjs. I just shed a tear thinking about it.

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  1. Your pics are awesome! You captured all the perfect details and the lighting is perfect. She is such a beautiful baby.