Sunday, September 18, 2011

11 Months

I'm late. Very late, in fact. I was on time for 11 months, and then I fell to pieces. It is hard chasing around an 11 month for pictures. Better late than never!

Happy 11 months Kailyn Rose. You are my sweet baby girl. As each month passes, I feel more love for you than I could have ever imagined.

At 11 months...

* You are a petite little thing. A week or two ago you weighed 18 pounds 4 ounces. You are slim with a long torso and short little legs. You are wearing a mix of 6-12 month clothing and 12-18 month clothing. Mostly 6-12 still, but not so many onesies anymore. You are still in your size 3 diapers with no signs of needing to move up.

* I am proud to announce, you have your first front tooth! The big boy has finally come in after ONE LONG week of teething. You are not a good teether at all. You get it all runny nose (like a faucet), diaper rash that makes you wince in pain, slight fever, and more pain than I am sure you can handle right now. You are a champ though. Still happy as a clam. The second big boy is not far behind...I can see it. (Please cut quickly, please cut quickly, please cut quickly)

* You are my dear are a mover and a shaker. You do not sit still. You are always on the go leaving behind a serious path of destruction. You can climb stairs, open any and all cabinets, and cruise the furniture. I can't wait until you can stand on your own. I think you can, but you are hesitant to try. Occasionally, we will catch you standing for a few seconds without holding on.

* You are becoming an interesting eater. You are not as open to trying new things as you were before. You are suspicious of anything I prepare now that you are more aware. You LOVE grilled cheese and ALL fruit (except you have had enough bananas). You absolutely love feeding yourself, and you don't have as much interest in anything I feed you. I know you are done when you start sharing with Lexi. I am finding feeding time to be more and more stressful as I try to balance giving you what I think is best and what you will actually eat.

* You are now in a convertible car seat, and I can't say you like it very much. You cry almost every time I put you in. It seems very tight and restricting, and I am sure that is why you don't like it. I can't wait to turn you around so I can see your smiling face.

* You take two good naps a day for about an hour and a half, and you have an earlier bed time now that we are back to work. You go to sleep around 7:15, and you wake up between 6 and 6:30.

* You really are a happy, beautiful baby girl.

I cannot believe you are going to be turning one. I can't believe this is our last monthly post. It makes me sad, but I am so happy and blessed to know that you are a happy, healthy little girl. Every month, you hit another milestone, you grew, you changed, and you amazed me. You will always be my sweet baby girl.

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