Monday, September 19, 2011

A Special Visit

This weekend, we had a visit from a special friend. She is so very special to us, and we rarely get to see her. You see, she lives almost 5 hours away and with our busy, working lives, we have trouble getting together as much as we would like. That is why this weekend was so very special.

Our Aunt Claire came to visit us. She came bearing birthday presents for the baby girl, thirty-one gifts, and hugs for us all. We were able to spend time playing with Baby Kay, have girl time getting pedicures with hot stone massages, and have dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We even had time for a little shopping! All in just one short day! It was so nice to just hang out.

Life has gotten so crazy that whenever we are lucky enough to see each other we have to rush around to a wedding, or bridal shower, and we can never just hang out. That is exactly what we did this weekend. We just hung out. I love the time she was able to spend with Kailyn. I am so lucky to have amazing people like Claire to be involved in Kay's life. I am not sure how we ended up living so far apart after living together for close to 5 years at college, but I do know that nothing will ever change our friendship.

I had a great weekend, and we have more plans to hang out in a few weeks. I am more than looking forward to it!

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