Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Little Piggy

My little piggy loved her pasta and meatballs. She loved it so much that she was stuffing fist full after fist full of meat into her mouth. It was her first time feeding herself pasta with sauce. We took her clothes off, and she went to town. Afterwards, we took her out back and hosed her down just like we do to Lexi ;)

I make homemade meatballs with meat that was trimmed and ground by my mom. I try to use organic beef, but it is not always the case. As long as I made it, and I know what is in it, I am fine. I am finding feeding time to be stressful around my house. I want to give Kay what I believe to be best for her, but it is not always easy. I try to choose organic whenever possible. 

What are you feeding your offspring? The transition from baby food and purees to finger foods is tricky. Kay wants to eat "real" food but she still doesn't have the chompers to really be able to eat more. I am limited to soft foods, but she is becoming quite picky. She used to love things like avocado and veggies, but now she will not even open her mouth to try them. When she sees me getting something ready, and it is not something she knows she loves, she goes nuts! She cries and yells and throws a fit. She is one smart cookie. She knows something better is waiting behind door number 2. 

Hopefully, this is just a little phase, and we will get back on track soon. On a positive note, she loves her milk. I am still giving her two bottles a day, one in the morning and one before bed, but I am so close to giving them up. She drinks out of a sippy cup, and she will drink out of a real cup as long as you hold it. 

Is anyone else having some growing pains in the feeding department? Or am I just over thinking it? Since I eat everything and anything in sight, this is new territory for me! 

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  1. R is still open to eating everything. Some things we need to put on a puff for her to eat, but then she'll take it. I try to hide the fruit in the kitchen and bring it out after she is done with her grains and veggies so that she does not get distracted. Still making all the food here and keeping it organic. Baked maple-glazed acorn squash is on the docket to try today!