Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Apple Picking

Sunday morning, we slept in a little bit. Baby Kay must of been tired from our whirlwind of a day when Claire arrived (along with a long week of teething) because she slept in until almost 8 am! Claire and I woke up to have some coffee and chat. We were trying to decide if we should make plans before she got on the road.

I had hoped to meet Angela at Johnson's Farm the day before, but our timing was off since Claire was driving down Saturday morning. So, we decided to go apple picking Sunday before Claire drove back to good old Syracuse. It was a beautiful, perfect fall day.

We arrived at Johnson's farm around 10, and it wasn't too crowded yet, but you could see all of the excitement of fall festival time.

"Do NOT eat apple while you are picking" HA, yea right. Good one. We boarded our hayride, and we headed out to pick Empire, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious. We wanted to pick pumpkins too, but we didn't have Daddy to carry them! So, we stuck to apples.

It was so much fun! Claire and I filled our bags. Between her 5 foot nothing self with short arms and me having my oversized 11 month old in a Baby Bjorn, we managed to get 3 pecks of perfect apples. Yes, I was that person that you looked twice at thinking "that kid has no business being in a front carrier." Hey, it worked! And Baby Kay loved it for that matter!

We decided to have a farm BBQ lunch and buy some fall decorations before we left the farm. It was such a great time. Even though it was short lived, I loved it. A perfect outing to end a perfect visit with our Auntie Claire. When it was over, we were all slobbery, toothy smiles!

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