Tuesday, May 8, 2012

16 Weeks

Not much new has changed around here. I had my Dr. appointment last night, and I heard the thumping heartbeat of this darling baby! It never gets old... that wooshing sound you hear on the doppler. Steady heartbeat in the 150's ... just like my Kay.

At 16 weeks...
* My sweet baby bump is growing. (Not so) slowly but surely it is starting to show.

16 Weeks
* My highlight this week...I felt my baby move for the first time! At night watching tv, I am starting to feel the flutters.
* Honestly, not much else has changed from last week. I am just counting down these last 29 school days so I can get in total baby mode.

I can't wait to see Kay as a big sister. We bought her a little baby doll, and she tries to feed it a bottle. It is adorable until she spikes it off of the floor. I guess we have some work to do before October... "Do nice to the baby."

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