Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Puppies and More

The past two weeks, I have opened up my home to these sweet pups. These darling 8 week old babies were so close to losing their lives, but they were transported here and now both are headed to loving forever homes.

This sweet boy with these sweet eyes is a doll baby. He is so gentle and calm. We let him run around with Kay, and we aren't worried. He never jumps on her or nips her. He just follows her around interested in what she is doing. This little guy is headed to the nicest, young family. He will have the chance to grow with their expanding family. Lucky dog! He has a little cough so I get to keep him and love on him until the end of the week! I will definitely miss him when he is gone!

This feisty one has already gone home to her new, loving family. She was a pip, and I loved her spunk. She was all puppy and she was the cutest little spitfire. She was so cute that she was only here a week before she went to her new owner, a vet tech. She will definitely get the best care and the most love with a mom like that!  

It feels so good to help these sweet pups find forever homes when their outlook was so bleak just a short time ago. I love volunteering for this rescue, and I love being a foster. It is a lot of work with a toddler, but it is so worth it and so rewarding. I love animals and I always have. I am so lucky to have the most understanding, supportive husband who not only agrees to let me do this, but he helps out so much (sometimes I think he does MORE than me)! Thanks Dave for helping take such good care of my pups!

Recently, we decided we are ready to look for a puppy of our very own to fill the void that our sweet Lexi left. After taking care of these pups, I am more confidence that I will be able to care for and train a puppy with my toddler running around. As we have been searching our rescues and waiting to find the right pup for us, I am shocked by the number of perfect pups that would make the perfect pets. I can't imagine that someone would buy a dog from a pet store. Before you shop... adopt! It does make a difference.

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