Friday, May 4, 2012

18 Month Well Visit

Kailyn had her 18 month well visit, and it was the fastest, easiest appointment by far! We took our sweet girl to this appointment with no questions, no worries, nothing. It felt good. When we arrived, I was ready to weigh her. I would have put money down that she was at least 27 pounds! Nope, I was wrong...

At 18 months...
* you only weigh 23.5 pounds (you made us work for this measurement because you were not happy about sitting on the scale)! You are still a little thing! You are 32.25 inches tall. 34% for weight and 67% for height. Tall and slim. Go girl!

*you are just the sweetest, funniest little girl around. Today, you learned "ring around the rosie" and watching you spin in circles and "fall down" might just be the highlight of my week.... uhhh maybe even my month. *Thank you Lisa!

* you have have 12 teeth! You cut your bottom and top molars without much fuss, and you LOVE brushing those teeth. You are OBSESSED with Mommy's toothbrush and you make a beeline for my bathroom to get it every chance you get.

* you don't really have any favorite foods. You do love pears and pasta. You are trying more and more new foods, and this makes your mommy proud. Just the other day, you ate an entire dinner of eggplant parm. I almost dropped dead.

* you love playing outside. You want to ride in your wagon every chance you get. You hold on tight, and you wave to anyone sitting on the porch. Being outside makes you happy. The second anyone says "outside," you sprint to the backdoor....just like Lexi used to do.

* you walk around saying "Ma ma" ALL day! I love it. It is so cute. Your little voice is adorable. "Ma ma, Ma ma, Ma ma." I am one lucky Mama. Some other words you say "Da-Da (for Daddy and dog), Hi and Bye, and Hot. You definitely knows how to tell everyone to be quiet... "Shhhh" with your finger to your lips is your new favorite thing to do.

I can't believe my baby is 18 months old! Now, if only her hair will grow in the next 18 months...

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