Thursday, December 23, 2010

"I hope that baby isn't hungry"

Christmas is a few days away! The excitement is building around here. Today, I had a fun day of baking Christmas cookies with my mom and baby girl. It was nice to not go running around trying to get last minutes Christmas things...I guess I will save that for tomorrow.

Plus, I don't want to go out shopping because I never know what I will come home to. The other day, my mom and I went out shopping. I brought Dudes to her house to play with Stevie and Six while we were out and about. We were out for a good 3 hours, and I was stressed to get home to feed Baby Kay. It was a little passed time for her to eat, and I knew she was getting hungry.

As we walked in the door to my parents' house, my Dad says, "I hope that baby isn't hungry." OMG This is what we saw.

Three bottles that were in my diaper bag (on the chair) were on the floor destroyed! The caps were chewed, the nipples eaten off, the bottles were mangled. I was shocked. And you want to know who the culprit was...

Of course it wasn't the Dudes. She is a good girl, and she would never do such a thing! How dare you even think it!?!

It was this bad girl! Stevie. She is a bad, bad girl, but with a face like that I couldn't stay mad at her for long.

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