Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm Dreaming Of A White....Day After Christmas

I am usually completely bummed out when Christmas is over. Laying in bed Christmas night, I feel exhausted, and it is a major let down. The stress of finding the perfect gift in the perfect size is enough to make me want to sleep for days. Then, the anticipation of watching said people open the gifts puts me over the edge. Even though Christmas is over, I have another year of wonderful memories with my family and friends to hold on to.

The day after Christmas is usually a day spent going to stores to spend gift cards and find sales, cleaning up the house, and gathering a lot of trash! This year was a little different because early in the afternoon is started to snow. It was the perfect excuse to do nothing. Dobbie and I played with Kailyn while I drank new pumpkin spice Keurig coffee! It was the perfect day. The snow fell outside, and our house was cozy and warm. We didn't clean up. We didn't organize. We just enjoyed our snowy day, and it was so nice!

The next morning we woke up to about a foot of snow! I don't have the best pictures because I didn't go outside to take pictures to get the full effect of the snow.

It was our first snowfall of the year. As we started to clear the driveway and sidewalk, our neighbor came by with his snow blower. So instead of shoveling, we played with our snow babies.

Snow Baby #1

Snow Baby #2

Oh, how I love a good snow storm. It can even take away the post-Christmas blues.

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