Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Favorite Cell Phone Pictures

Her first minutes at home
Our first family photo
Only a few days old...look at the tiny hand
First trip to the Dr.
Swimming in my newborn clothes
Look at this skinny little peanut
Starting to wake up
12 days old at my the photoshoot
The turtle coming out of her shell!
One of my first times awake 
The following pictures were taken with my new iphone!

Looks like half a smile! 
Going out shopping with mommy & my BFF Addie
Our friend Addie got us out of the house for the day! 
The following pictures are taken with my new hipstamatic app on my iphone! I love it!

Napping in my swing
Napping again with mommy!
All decked out! 
Look who is a big girl wearing 0-3 month clothing finally! (Almost 7 weeks later)

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