Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our 2 Month Well Visit

Yesterday, we had our 2 month well visit. After rushing yet again to get out the door and to the appointment on time (don't ask me how I am going to get to work on time when I go back), we made it to the office.

Our pediatrician is amazing. We are going to the same office that I went to as a kid. I loved them so much that I wanted Kay to go there too. So the day she was born, Dobbie called them to sign Kay up. The next morning, one of the doctors came to visit me in my hospital room. We hit it off right away. She was so nice and warm. With Kailyn in the NICU, she didn't have to stop by my room and stay for so long. The practice is huge, and I know how many babies she probably had to see that day. She sat down, and we chatted. I love her! Since that first meeting, I have scheduled all of my appointments with her.

So as we waited for our favorite doctor, Kailyn weighed in at 9 pounds 7 ounces. She was 22 inches long! She is getting to be such a big girl. I had a list of a ton of questions that I wanted to be sure to ask. When the Dr. came in, I felt so relieved. We talked about Kay's development and her adjusted age, her gas, feeding & sleeping, and her tendency to only turn her head to one side. She is getting a bit of a little flat head on one side so I have to do some neck stretches with her! The doctor made sure to tell me how beautifully Kay is doing, and that makes me feel reassured and happy!

Then, Kay had to get 4 shots and an oral vaccine. The poor little thing cried her heart out. She even cried her first real tears! Her face turned bright red and she wailed! The shots made her a little cranky during the day, but she slept for most of the evening.

I put her to bed at 10 (a little earlier than usual) and she was wide awake, and in five minutes she was out. She slept 7 and a half hours! Then, I gave her a little of a bottle to put her back to sleep and she slept until almost 8 am! She is such a good sleeper like her momma!

A few more days until her first Christmas! I can't wait!!! I am still not done my shopping, but with the cutest baby in the world...who could blame me for not wanting to go running around.

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  1. cute little kay, its interesting reading your stories, also its really nice to know you, regards