Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy 5 Months

Yesterday, Keira Jane turned 5 months old. It feels like just yesterday that I was sitting on my ottoman at 35 weeks telling my family that this baby was coming. Sure enough, she was born a few hours later. When the Dr. said "it's a girl," I almost died of happiness. She has joined our family so seamlessly, and I can't believe I have known this little girl for 5 months. Pure. love.

No, seriously. My heart could explode just from thinking about her.

My sweet Keira Jane. Everyone calls you Gaga because of your sweet sissy. She used to call you Gaga because she had trouble saying Keira, but now I think she purposely calls you Gaga. 

Talk about a happy baby. You are easy to take care of, easy to be around, but most importantly you are easy to love. Everyone that meets you falls in love with your easy going way and your gummy smile.

You have the best eyelashes I have ever seen, the sweetest cheeks, and the sharpest blue eyes. I love when those sweet blue eyes follow me as I walk around a room.

At 5 months, you...

* have tried oatmeal. Other than that, you are exclusively nursing and we are proud of it!
* wear 9 month clothing! I am even starting to have trouble snapping your jammies because you have a long torso.
* were sleeping through the night from 7:30 pm to 6:30 am, but this week, we finally stopped swaddling you. The past few nights, you are trying to figure out this new freedom. You are such a great sleeper so hopefully, we get back to sleeping straight through the night quickly!
* are a rolling machine! You roll from front to back and back to front all day long!
* are gaining so much strength. You can push yourself all the way up on your tummy and you try to sit yourself up when you are in a chair or propped up.  I love watching you get stronger and stronger each day!
* have started really grabbing toys. Some of your favorite toys are your light up ladybug and your light up monkey. You love grabbing your lovey and rubbing it on your face.
* have found your hands. When you are not grabbing toys, you are constantly sucking on your hands and fingers. I am waiting for you to find these cute toes.

* you had your first bath in the big family tub! The first of many with your sissy!

My girl. I love you. You are my special girl. Happy 5 months.


  1. So sweet and such a fun age! Eat it up and enjoy every second! I finally stopped swaddling my baby girl at 5 months. It took about 2 nights and then she was back to normal. I do love a snuggly swaddled baby!

  2. Stopping by from Ashley's blog! My Londyn Grace turned five months last Sunday! Kiera Jane is precious! Looking forward to following!