Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mommy Confessions

Happy Tuesday Confessions!

I confess...I put this post together in a haste to get to lesson plans and the mountain of work I have ahead of me. If it sucks, I apologize. At least there is a cute baby involved.

I confess ... I am forcing this lovey on my 4 month old like a maniac. I want her to have one like her big sissy. I am borderline obsessing over it. To show the full range of my craziness, I have yet to name it because the name has to be perfect.

I confess...I managed to get a full rag of soapy water in this kid's eyes, nose, and mouth. It might go down as the worst bath ever given to a child by an adult. I admit my overenthusiastic dog trying to chew every single bath toy and splashing water everywhere distracted me.

I confess... I forgot to put my daughter's coat on her this day. We park in our garage and I was in a rush, and when we got out of the car in the freezing snow, I realized my child did not have a coat on. Nice.

I confess...this is the only place I want to be. EVER. 


  1. Awe I LOVE this! My kiddo has two lovies, and only started liking them within the past 4 months or so.
    Also, I don't allow my kiddo to wear a coat in her carseat, so I always look like Mom of the year carrying her out to the car not wearing a coat, or, stripping her down in the backseat when it's freezing out. You do what you gotta do!
    Thanks a ton for linking up!
    Megan @ thememoirsofmegan.com

  2. haha my oldest has a small bear blanket lovey that he just loved for the longest time. Now his fav stuffies are Super Mario characters HAH.

    LOVE the last picture so much.


  3. Hahaha oh man, I forget coats and things like that all the time! And often, I'll skip the coat just so Ben can more easily fit into his carseat, and then when we get where we're going, I don't put the coat back on because I think, "Oh, we're just running in, we'll only be outside for a minute." Meanwhile, I'm bundled in a fleece and scarf. Jerk mom. Hahaha ;-)

    Thanks for linking up with us!!