Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Heart

Happy Valentine's Day All! I had a wonderful ...busy but wonderful day. I woke up to my two special girls. Those two girls are my heart. We surprised Kay with a balloon and a little treat, and she loved coming down and seeing it this morning. We had some time together as a family before I headed to work. That was a treat in itself. Usually, it is me quietly getting dressed in the dark and rushing out of the house chaotically hoping to not forget anything.

This week was emotional. We are still trying to find our new normal. I felt very fragile this week, not like my strong I can take on the world self. So, today was a breath of fresh air. A little love goes a long way.

The girls went to our babysitter today. I was a little nervous about our sweet Keira. It was her first time with anyone other than family, but I knew everything would be great. She had a great day, and she was a good, easy going girl as usual. She even made her very first art project.

I am one lucky momma. My sweet babysitter sent me this picture at work, and it most definitely made me smile. I knew at that moment all was good.

After my class supplied me with enough candy to give King Kong a sugar high, I hightailed it to get my sweet loves. We took the girls to a special Valentine dinner. Kay's first hibachi experience.

My Valentine. Her smile makes any day better. That dimple. 

She loved the chopsticks. The big flame - not so much.

My family is my heart. It is insane how much Valentine's Day (well any holiday for that matter) has changed so drastically since having kids. Dave and I get joy out of making things special for these two girls. Our shared smile at each other while watching Kay light up, our gentle hand squeeze as she laughs, or our head nod to have each other notice something cute she is doing is the only gift I need this Valentine's Day. My family is my heart, and I love them beyond words.

Hope you enjoyed your day with a little extra love. Hugs and Kisses xoxo


  1. It's hard to find that new normal after the second! Amazing on the babysitter! Love the card!