Thursday, September 2, 2010

29 Weeks

Today, I am 29 weeks! How exciting! It seems like a lot has changed in the past week. I went from feeling wonderful, fantastic, and on top of the world to feeling like a stressed out oompa loompa in the matter of two days. How did this happen? (Caution ...bare belly shots below. They are scary)

Now, before I get in to the happenings with our baby girl this week, I want to tell you something, I created this blog to record all of my milestones and remember my pregnancy. Of course, I am excited to document life with my baby girl, but I love how I can use this blog to remember how I felt and what I was going through. With that being said, I am still afraid to tell you some things. I am afraid to tell you how I truly feel some the anxiety I feel about having a newborn, like how I am so upset to be gaining so much weight, and like how some days I wish to just have my body back. Even now as I write this, I feel guilty. I know there are a million trillion women that would die to be in my shoes. They would die to be pregnant and they would give anything to feel their own baby kick and move in their belly. I know this, but I want to be honest so that I can look back and say "Oh right, I did have a few rough days here and there."

Yesterday, I did work a full day..... and was I exhausted when I got home. My feet felt swollen and sore. I was sweating like a little piggy all day. I was so tired that I was closing my eyes as I waited at red lights on the way home. The only think I could think last night was... How am I going to get through two and a half months? I felt so uncomfortable like I had eaten 4 Thanksgiving dinners in a row...and I couldn't move. It was horrible. I hated it. I only walked for 15 minutes because I was so tired (and the bottoms of my feet are hurting which I don't know what that is all about). I pretty much felt disgusting.

Sorry for that ...but I want to be honest. Even though I felt bad, really really bad, I still am loving this pregnancy, and with every day that passes, I fall more madly in love with this little life growing inside me.

At 29 weeks, I ...
* am starting to noticeably look different in my face! My cheeks are getting fuller and fuller every day.
*gained 25 pounds so far (yikes!).
*am beginning to get a very faint black line down my belly... my linea nigra.
*am starting to visit the doctor every 2 weeks now.
*am shopping for curtains and decorations for the nursery.
*can feel the little girl moving all throughout the day. I am starting to notice patterns in her active times! She is always active after I eat something sugary!!! She must have a little sweet tooth.
*am waiting for my results for my glucose test that I took two days ago....

*and my huge belly looks like this...

I am shocked at how big my belly has grown in the past two weeks. It is like someone must pumped me up with air. Seriously, all of a sudden I have this enormous belly that looks like I am going to pop. I still have 11 weeks to go so it better slow down or I am going to be HUGE :(  It is a little uncomfortable. I am starting to have trouble bending over.

11 weeks to go and we will meet our baby girl. What will she look? How big will she be? What color eyes will she have? Will she have a lot of hair? 11 weeks to go and I can start the workout regimen of a lifetime. Hmmm....will I have the motivation with a newborn to snuggle and love?

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  1. I love you Krissy and I want you to know that I admire how hard you work and I know how tough it is on you right now. Dobbie is here to rub your feets each night when you get home after a long day. I love you!