Friday, September 10, 2010

A Day Off

Yesterday, I had a much needed day off. It was so wonderful to have some time to myself, and I had plans. I had BIG plans. I wanted to go to my classroom and finish up some projects. My goal is to get ahead of the game. I had every intention of going to school for a few hours then hitting up Destination Maternity. I have been talking about going shopping all week. I think I am secretly putting it off because I am dreading trying on clothes and looking at myself in the mirror. I had every intention of cleaning my house and finally tackling this dreadful job.

Instead, I had an impromptu day of cooking and hanging out with Lexi! I have always made homemade pesto. However, I always just "guestimated" the ingredients. I would usually end of with pesto that was too wet or pesto that was a little too garlicky. It still tasted delicious though! I decided to try again with a little help from MckMama. You can find her homemade pesto recipe here.

I started with a beautiful bunch of home grown basil that I picked up at Duffield's Farm Market yesterday on my way home from work.

I am practicing with my 50mm f/1.8 lens. I love the blurry background.

I put it on Barilla spinach and ricotta tortellini and it was delicious! I have leftovers for lunch at work today too!
Mmm Mmm Good!

Other than that, I threw the frisbee for Lexi and just relaxed and hung out around the house. There is nothing better than a day off like that. One thing is for sure...Lexi loved it (not that you could tell from the pictures!)
Too busy looking for squirrels to chase.

Poor only muse. My little girl is 3 already and look at how her face is turning gray!

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