Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Weeks

30!!!! I love that I am 30 weeks pregnant. I am shocked at how quickly this time has flown by. With 10 weeks to go, I am giddy with excitement to meet this little girl. I am At 30 weeks, I...

* am grateful to my honey. He has really stepped up to the plate. He gives me a much needed nightly foot rub. He is sensitive to the changes my body is going through and the emotional roller coaster that this has created in me. He takes care of all things that fall under the umbrella of "housekeeping." I love you Dobbie. Thank you.

* am in the beginning stages of not being able to sleep through the night. This baby wakes up slamming me around 3am, and it lasts for about an hour.

* still haven't ordered the tree decal for the nursery. I can't commit to one! I want her room to be perfect! Now, I am debating between a tree decal for the nursery or just ordering hand painted wooden wall letters to match her bedding.

* STILL have not put my house back together after cleaning out the nursery! I should make that a goal for this weekend. I have kept the spare bedroom door closed for 3 weeks now just hoping that the mess will go away.

* cannot bend over! Today, Dobbie had to help me strap my sandals :( 

* have NOTHING to wear! Going back to work this week was hard because I have no clothes that I can wear to work that are comfortable and look professional. A trip to Destination Maternity is in my future.

* realize it is all worth it! I love my baby girl so much that it hurts!

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