Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Summer Days

Why is it that when I have "nothing" to do, I am busier than when I am working. I have been running around the past few days. I couldn't even tell you what I have been doing. I am running errands, doctor appointments, Gymboree, and things of that nature, but I have no idea what is keeping me so busy. I do have ALL day, but when I blink it is 6:00 pm and I have to start thinking about bathtime and bedtime.

Everyday, starts out the same. By the time the baby goes down for her morning nap, the house looks like a bomb went off. Toys, bibs, and cheerios thrown about the place just waiting to be picked up. By the time everything is picked up and cleaned up, I have approximately 2.2 seconds to shower before I hear her sweet voice singing and cooing over the baby airways.

Being a working mom, I want to make every moment I spend with her count. Even on my most exhausted days, I cherish our mornings playing in our jammies.

The rest of the day is spent running around lugging a filled to the brim diaper bag because I don't know where the day will take me. When the day brings me back home, I usually end up throwing together something for dinner, getting Kay ready for bed, and crashing.

Today, Kay was the one who crashed. Remind me not to let these hectic days cause us to miss nap again. Yikes!

Yesterday, we had our 9 month well visit. This baby girl is perfectly healthy and happy. She weighs in at a whopping 16.11 pounds (16th percentile). She is a slim girl...lucky little lady. She is average height in the 51st percentile. It was an easy, quick visit. And yes, I am still madly in love with our pediatrician.

Well, I better get some rest because I don't know what's in store for tomorrow!  How do you spend your summer days?

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