Friday, July 15, 2011


July 15th marks the 9 month mark for my baby girl! Happy 9 months Baby Kailyn! 9 months ago you rocked our world! Your entrance into our lives was such a whirlwind, and I think back to that day and think how truly lucky and blessed I am to be your momma. I cherish everyday with you and I love you to pieces.

At 9 months, I am noticing big changes in you and how you navigate your world. You...

* weigh 16.11 pounds and you are 27 and a half inches. This is why your 6-12 month still seem to fit nicely (except the pajamas that button all the way up - we are in 12-18 months). Today, I actually just bought you a few of your first fall clothes in 12-18 and I sure hope they fit come fall because they are too cute for words.

* still wear size 3 diapers. My preferences is still the Swaddlers Sensitive. We tried the cruisers, but they don't seem as soft and comfy. I haven't had any problems so why change it up!

* love yogurt! You are trying a ton of new foods especially finger foods. You love pieces of bananas and blueberries (I peel the skin off for you). You won't feed those to yourself because you don't like the texture. You have tried pieces of avocado, peas, carrots, cheerios, and Gerber puffs. Today, you had your first sweet potato french fry at Bobby's Burger Palace. I figured if you are going to have a french fry, your first one should be from Bobby Flay!

She LOVED it! 
* crawl and move constantly. You can crawl and just sit up on your own so wonderfully. You are really starting to gain balance and strength. You try to climb on EVERYTHING! You are ridiculously obsessed with the remote controls.

* are getting more adventurous with your crawling. You crawl in every room and space of our house. You are willing to go out of the room and out of sight. You are a brave, little girl.

* have graduated from your infant tub! I sit you up in the regular tub with some little non-slip pads (that aren't working out too well - so I need a bath mat) and you love it. You don't mind getting your face and head soaked at all! In fact, it doesn't faze you as you continually try to crawl away in the tub to pull the drain stop out, touch the shiny faucet, and anything else you can do to give me a heart attack that you are going to slip and get hurt (hence, the need for a nice big bath mat).

* are starting to babble constantly! I am finally hearing ba-ba-ba-ba! You talk to your best friend Lexi all day long. Your high pitched screeching is funny too!

* are one cutie pie!

It was rough getting these pictures! 
Until she could snuggle! 

Kailyn, you are just amazing. Look at that smile.

Now that you are 9 months old, I am starting to stress about your first birthday party! It is going to be here before you know it! I better get to planning and deciding. Esty, here I come!

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  1. Happy 9 months, K! Remember mom, she won't remember the first birthday, so no need to stress over it. Low key and a good cake and hugs are all you need. :)