Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Bum

I love the feeling of my toes in the sand, staring at the water, sitting back, reading a good book, and taking a snooze. I am definitely a beach bum. Too bad, it looks like those days are long gone! I have one explorer on my hands who likes to be entertained.

Simply preparing to get to the beach is hard work. I pack her lunch, sunscreen, hat, toys, water bottle, diapers, and a million other things. Then, I find myself wandering around the house seeing what else I can throw in the bag, checking and double checking if I have forgotten anything. Then, it is time to get dressed. In a haze of white sunscreen, I apply, reapply, and reapply once more until my little munchkin is covered in disgusting white specs and slime. Then, try getting her bathing suit up on her slimy body. Not an easy task.

It is all worth it though. The memories we are creating are well worth the hassle of packing and prepping a baby for the beach. Watching her excitement as the water hits her toes, watching her crawl in the wet sand, or watching her fuss over getting her hands dirty are little moments in her life that I will never forget.

This weekend we were lucky enough to spend our holiday down the shore. The baby is getting used to the beach, but it is a lot for her. She gets so tired from all of the excitement! I am sure hoping that she enjoys it as much as we enjoy taking her. Aside from my anxiety of worrying if she is happy, hot, scared, eating too much sand, drinking enough water, etc. I wonder if all this momma worrying is normal?

One thing I know for sure, this sure looks like a happy beach bum to me!

Baby Kay's bonnet was purchased at Happy Baby boutique in Cape May, NJ. You can find the bonnets here. So cute and chic!

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