Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello there.

Long time, no see. I have been crazy busy, and I haven't had my computer with me for a few days. This past weekend we traveled up to Skaneateles, NY for a friend's beautiful lake wedding.  After a tearful goodbye, we left Baby Kay at home with my mom, and we made the trip up to Syracuse. It was incredibly hard being away from my sweet baby girl, but seeing my friends made it worth it. Daddy and I had a great time.

The wedding was gorgeous. You would NOT even believe how beautiful this bride looked. I only have a few pictures and they aren't the best, but you have to see this dress. It was Ahh-Maze-Ing.

Here is a picture from her talented photographer, Megan Dailor! Look at this couple! I am so happy for them!
There is something about a bride dressed in a beautiful white dress. Since my own wedding, I have been envious of every bride I see on her wedding day. There is a glow, a radiance that lights up the day. I still get butterflies when I think about how happy I was, and I feel like I am in a secret club with the bride because now she is experiencing the feeling. Oh how I wish I could do our wedding over again. It was a magical, happy day.

This wedding was also a magical day, and I was happy to be there to help celebrate.

It was my first time leaving the baby overnight. Thank goodness for my mom. I knew I didn't have to worry, but it didn't make it easier when I felt a pang in my chest that I wanted to be with her and hold her. We raced home and the car wasn't even in park and I was rushing through the door to see her. Her little smile greeted me, and I knew I was home sweet home.

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